Wednesday, July 6, 2005

tutu update

Mommy hasn't been sewing alot lately because she has been on Night Shoots. EVIL EVIL NIGHT SHOOTS......
But I thought I would update you since there has been some progress.

The bodice is together but needs the insides finished (lots of pins holding that piping down....) Now she is piecing the fabric for the basque..... I was helping her with that for a little while today. She is soooo tired though she keeps having naps.
Last night she told me they were out in the rain and she had to hold an umbrella over a cute boy all night. I don't know I don't think mommy's job sounds all that difficult. I wonder if she told him how cute I was?
Mommy hopes that the tutu is finished this weekend so she can mail it to Esme.....
i haven't been up to much. If Mommy was sewing at work today - she was going to take me BUT ALAS woe is me - she is on set instead. Silly wet barbarians and cute boys - don't they know I need more Mommy attention...
Oh it looks like she is going to lie down AGAIN!
I guess I will go with her.

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  1. I love all the pictures of the tutu, though the ones of you helping with the heart cookie take the cake...AHAHAH...take the CAKE!! heh heh. Anywho! I think THE CHIHUAHUA PARADE AND BBQ sounds like the most fun ever! I wish I were Canadian. Ya'll don't have Bushes.

    Bye Minou! Have a good day!