Sunday, July 31, 2005

sunday sunday

ok soo yesterday mommy did her usual of sleeping most of the day. daddy wanted to go shopping with her but she wasn't really out of bed until 4:00pm.
wow I just saw a really great commercial. It was a setter and he was in the snow with his mom - he made an angel in the snow. It was for Iams dog food - I really liked the commercial I had to quit blogging just to watch it. I was glued to the tv screen. It almost makes me want to go in the snow. At the end of the commercial he flips his food dish - I wish I could do that.
ANyways back to yesterday - I don't really remember what we did in the afternoon. But in the evening it was back on the bikes - this time with Daddy and we went to watch fireworks again - this time Sweden! It was exciting - we were closer then last time and we sat under a big tree with a blanket. Mommy brought a greenie for me to chew on while and her and Daddy drank hot chocolate.
i like going for bike rides - mommy wasn't breathing as funny this time.
today mommy and daddy went shopping without me - they brought nothing home for me either. when they got home we hung out by the pool for a bit - they said they were going to take me for a walk but they never did - how RUDE! but we did go to steveston for burgers and fries. There was fish jumping out the the water and a big swan I barked at.
here is mommy's silly tattoo from yesterday

daddy at the fireworks

more silly firework pictures

we made a little bit more money this weekend for the spca (thanks knit in the city!) mommy is going to start bugging people at work this week. AND she is going to help me put some kind of contest together... she will she will - hopefully before the walk is over lazy mommy...


  1. you could have used a NICE picture of me a t least!!!

  2. You're Welcome, Minou. We couldn't let down our favourite little dog. Good Luck!