Sunday, July 17, 2005

mommy got a new camera and chihuahua BBQ

ok so first the BBq because unfortunately that happened before the camera did so the pictures still suck - And daddy was in charge of them - useless pictures.
oh and even before the BBQ I have some more pictures!
this is all about pictures...

me playing in netting - i can't anymore the tutu us together and hours away from completion..

some greyhounds at the BBQ - they were tiny, lots of people think I might have some greyhound blood in me...

this little guy had one eye and and good 2cm wide and 10 cm long thing of spittle coming out of it's mouth - unfortunately that didn't come out in the picture. mommy and daddy were laughing and wanted me to go play with it - NO WAY what a loser.

the saddest bumble bee in the world.....

this doggy even had a float and a tiara and was cinderella but it spent it's time with it's tongue hanging out - I would hav been a much better princess - much more refined.

the winner of the contest - I SOOO could have beat her


a picture of daddy on our diving board with the NEW camera

a flower with the new camera

me!!!!!! Mommy said she will have to send some photos to you auntie steph - she can take some pretty good ones now!!!!
I didn't win any prizes - Mommy tried to make me a new outfit last night but around 11:00pm she decided it sucked and instead of making me wear my elvis costume which I for sure would have won with her and daddy put me in my skirt and pants - not nearly as effective... and sooo disappointing.... I could have won. AND we left before the raffle cause mommy wanted to go swimming, Not the best chihuahua BBQ - we will do better next year if I have any say in it.

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  1. Sorry you didn't win Minou, but as you say, there is always next year!

    Love the new camera photos, they bring out your pensive and serious side.