Sunday, July 3, 2005

today we sewed....

Mommy and Daddy went to the fabric store today and came back with sewing projects. Daddy decided he was going to learn how to make himself golf pants (the pair mommy made awhile ago were too small - silly mommy got the waist and hip measurements mixed up)

Here you can see me telling Daddy what to do - I decided he needed more help then Mommy so I helped him most of the evening.
This is Mommy's project

She is making a tutu for Uncle Nick for his Birthday - shhhh it is a surprise so don't tell him. (We are pretty sure he doesn't read my blog) Well I should explain it isn't for Uncle Nick to wear - it is for Esme to wear for uncle Nick to take pictures of. I hope one day he will take some pictures of me!
This is her muslin pattern and the tulle roughly pinned to the mannequin.
These are all the little pieces Mommy is sewing together for the bodice.

Here is me helping Daddy again... (well ok you caught me I am having my supper)

Mommy's again - here are some of the bodice pieces cut out and pinned to the mannequin.

This is as far as Mommy got to night. Daddy only finished cutting out his pants too. Mommy kept telling him to match his plaids and I thought he needed more pins for that so I kept spilling the pin container. I am a big help. If he didn't use enough pins I would sit on the pieces so they wouldn't move around on him.
It was really nice today so after mommy and daddy came home from the fabric store we all sat outside and suntanned. Mommy even did some knitting but there is nothing interesting to show - just a few measely rows of stockingnette. I hope it is nice out again tomorrow.


  1. Minou, you have such talented parents. You should make a tutu like that for yourself. Mommy wants to learn to sew someday. We help Mommy knit by lying on her yarn so it won't roll away.

  2. Oh boy Minou, your parents have mad skills! I'll bet your Mommy's pretty glad you didn't help with all those little offense intended, it was clear your Daddy needed more help. You are a good micro-manager.

  3. I think your mommy's project looks much cooler than your daddy's -- I can't say I'm very taken with plaid golf pants. Impressive that he's making them himself though. I couldn't do it (nor could Anmiryam).

    You're a much bigger help than Midnight, who mostly ignores Anmiryam's knitting, though he likes to lie on the plastic project bags while she knits. Silly cat.

  4. That's awesome Daddy can sew. A crafty man is great to have around the house. And a crafty Minou is great, too!

  5. Min min - can you ask Mommy if the bodice was inspired by entrelac knitting?