Sunday, July 10, 2005

my adventures

last night I made mommy take all my toys out of my toybox. Then I got in it. ANd I just sat there. I dont' know what I was thinking. I was tired. So Mommy put all my toys back in my toybox.

and today I was real smart and hid a cookie in the fireplace. Mommy knew I had done it cause I was full of soot. she made me get it out.

I took it out but then I hid it in Mommy's fabrics. I am sure she won't mind a cookie covered in ashes sitting with her white silk!!!


  1. Minou - I'm sure you really just wanted Santa to find that cookie.
    Uncle Andrew thinks you look awfully cute with your soot covered paw-paws!
    We both send kisses - mwah!

  2. Ha, ha! You goof, you. I bet you're just all discombobulated because of your mommy's awful work schedule last week. Is she on night shoots again this week?