Saturday, July 2, 2005

canadian puppy

I want to be like auntie steph so I will try to say what makes me canadian.....

but this is be hard. so maybe I won't...

I can't think of anything....

Mommy was already making fun of me today because I am from Surrey B.C. (No one wants to be from Surrey)

Hmm I can't think of anything that makes me a Canadian Puppy.

this is too hard...ok maybe
reasons I am glad that Mommy and I are Canadians...
1. she can go to the doctor as many times as she needs for her ear that still bothers her (did I mention Mommy can now predict downpours with her ear?) specialists or not and it doesn't cost her $$. One trip in the USA cost her $1400.00 for a sore throat.
2. If Mommy wasn't a canadian she wouldn't have gone to Surrey and picked ME! she would have ended up with some L.A. chihuahua.
3. We don't have to accept any of the blame for stupid George Bush - we just shake our heads at you USA people. I'm a dog and even I get it.
4. We can still take advavtage of American shopping. If only our dollar would go up more!
5. We have poutine at McDonald's and sometimes i get to try it....
6. I am not allowed chocolate but YAY for smarties, wine gums and other Canadian* candy!!!
7.Coronation street**
8. Don McKellar
9. David Cronenberg
10. Gay marriages - I think Audrey should come up here with her Daddies so they can get married!
11. CBC talk radio, we miss you Bill Richardson.....
12. the fact that french is canada's other official language - I LOVE it when people speak french to me - I get all excited and wiggle my tail alot. Mommy and Daddy wanted me to be bilingual but I am sadly not - I know a few things but not as much as I do in English. i know 'fait pee pee' (go pee pee), 'enchante'(enchanted - instead of shake a paw) , 'n'a plus' (no more - as in NO MORE COOKIES)
13. the littlest hobo - mommy said this show was on before i was born - it is all about a dog. I think it sounds great so even though it isn't on tv anymore it makes me happy to be a canadian

Reasons I am NOT glad me and Mommy are Canadians (we can't be too biased even on Canada Day)
1. Celine Dion
2. Shania Twain
3. Alanis Morrisette
(we are sooo sorry)
4. The conservative party,,,,,
5. Alberta (we dont' need to say anymore about this one)
6. No 'in and out burgers'
7. no targets
8. aside from tio pepe's apparently our mexican food sucks....
9. We hate hockey...
10. NO FIREWORKS IN VANCOUVER ON CANADA DAY - what is up with that????

Ok that is enough for now until anyone helps me think of anything else. Mommy didn't come home until 7:00am this morning from work last night. She looked tired. Fell asleep on the couch with her clothes on so I curled up next to her. Then she slept all day today, It is 1:00am now and she looks wide awake- I am going to bed. I hope she doesn't sleep all day tomorrow again. I want to go out for a walk in the sunshine.

*I know it isn't canadian but mommy said she could't buy it when she lived in L.A.
** this isn't canadian either but at least we get it on tv (cbc)

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  1. I just found a shop in Oakland that carries wine gums, and I was so excited!! They are very hard to find here -- people look at you weird when you ask for them. There is a store in Boston that has them (Menards -- the best!) and one in Oregon. That's all the places I have ever seen them in the US.

    We are sorry about GWB too, Minou. Especially now that Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring!