Monday, July 11, 2005

mommy and her idiot friends

here is mommy 'HARD' at work

I can tell they are REALLY busy these days.... Mommy worked a normal shift today so she came home and we played a bit at supper time. Then she sewed. SHe worked on the tutu and the chihuahua clothes. She is worried the tutu won't fit.... We'll keep our paws crossed.......
I guess it is almost bedtime now - I still don't know what I will wear on Sunday. That sucks....


  1. You know... I have similar photos of Mommy and I in the wardrobe storage room at Dalhousie...

    It's stress relief, Minou.

  2. Wish I could do that at work. But, while my oddities are tolerated for the most part, I think this would be over the top for corporate america!

    I can't wait to see what you wear on Sunday Minou!

    And I even posted today. Not very interesting, I'll try to do better!