Monday, July 4, 2005

pictures again..

I was helping Mommy again tonight (Daddy has left again and won't work on his pants again until next weekend) Mommy was working on the bodice so I thought I would take some of the tulle and add decoration. I found a heart shaped cookie and placed it very carefully in the tulle. I kept moving it around.

eventually I decided it didn't look good there so I ate it.
then I just moved the tulle around alot playing with the layering of colors. I am VERY artistic and I think Mommy likes what I came up with. If only I could reach the waist of the mannequin I would pin it in place.
This is me suntanning yesterday

Mommy is working the night shift again tomorrow so we get to hang out during the day. I hope it is nice out!


  1. oh honey you are such a cutie!!

  2. I like the heart motif, but I think you were right to eat the cookie.

    Remember your sunscreen. Enjoy your day with your mommy.