Friday, July 15, 2005

looks like Mommy has a new job...

we don't know when she starts and it isn't 'official' yet but she will most likely be working on this.
As an assistant designer. She is going to be busy. She will have to find a babysitter for me...
I will be lonely especially with Daddy in Whistler.
Sigh. Does anyone want to babysit me...
two more sleeps to the big chihuahua party...


  1. Sigh, wish you weren't so far away. We'd babysit you in an instant. Except of course, we work and go to school around here, so we'd have to get you a sitter for when we couldn't take care of you. Doesn't make much sense does it?

    Congrats to your mommy.

  2. Minou, Mommy is going to be working on THAT show! EEEEEEEEH!
    Not a fan of the show, but if Mommy is going to be working on it, then I guess I'll have to actually slow my rapid fire remote control use when it is on.
    You know I would take care of you Min-min, but I can't leave my coast. Y'see, I'm under house arrest, yeah, that's it, house arrest, and I can't leave the province... I was totally making up that whole thing about vacation, I'm not even allowed to go to the cottage. Nopers, no vacationfor me!

  3. Oh, Minou, we wish we didn't live so far away. You could come stay with us at our house during the day. Our Daddy works at home and he lets us lie in the sun on the deck while he paints. And Mommy hardly ever empties the small bin in the bathroom (the laziness again) so there is always plenty of kleenex to pull out and shred.

  4. Minou, mommy's going to be an assistant designer? How wonderful! Way to go mommy!
    You can stay with us! It'll be fun!

  5. Minou. Come to California, I'd LOVE to babysit you, and Saber will gladly slobber all over you because he loves you that much, and Moze and Sassy will gladly ignore you because they are the creators of "feline logic".

    Fly into Long Beach. The tickets are cheaper, and it's much less hassle than LAX. Just let me know when your flight arrives!

  6. Holy crap, that's awesome news!! Please tell your mommy congratulations for me, Minou. :)

  7. come stay with Erez . Even I will be at home after October 10th or so. Please?- I won't even call you rat-dog to your face I mean it ; )