Wednesday, July 27, 2005

we went to the fireworks tonight!

Vancouver has a fireworks celebration and I unlike most puppies, am NOT afraid of fireworks. I like to go watch them with Mommy. Sometimes if they make too much noise I bark a bit but we were too far away this time.
Mommy and I biked there. I was a little worried. Mommy was breathing really funny. Kinda like when she is running but worse. I licked her hand a few times - that is all I could reach from the basket - but she didn't stop. She said it was because we biked uphill for 20 blocks, then downhill for 20 blocks, then we watched the fireworks, then we biked back uphill for 20 blocks and downhill for twenty blocks. Mommy said "stupid hills" alot.

downtown vancouver - the fireworks are above the water - most of the people watch from downtown but mommy didn't want to deal with traffic.

me waiting for the fireworks.

these silly firework pictures are mommy playing with her new camera. She said she needs a tripod for that setting. She took about 100 pictures and those are the best ones - just goes to show you can buy an expensive camera and still take crappy photos!

No new donations today. Sigh..still at $500..... Hmm I wonder what we need to do to get one donation a day.... anyone have any ideas? Is there anything I can bribe you all with?
Should I make a contest?
Any suggestions?


  1. I love the pictures- you are a very lucky dog to have such a talented mommy!

  2. Hi Minou! I went to see fireworks on indepencence day :) You and I, we're real brave! Only...I didn't bark at the kaboomies, I just sat and watched them. Until the finale, then I jumped into Momma's arms.

  3. hello sweet minou. the donation site won't seem to let me donate, i think because i am in the US? it won't let me fill out my address correctly... smooches to you! CMS

  4. The donation site is a little weird. I live in the US and was able to fill it out and it went through, but there was other wonkiness like "no records found" for you even though I did it just like you said.