Tuesday, July 5, 2005

mommy's book

Mommy ordered this book...

It was wrapped in brown paper then placed in a bubble pack envelope slightly larger then the book.
That makes sense.
THEN it was in this bag..

Which has this crazy clasping system

And it was THIS BIG!

I got in the picture so you could see just how big it is! Don't you think this is overkill? A bit much? Mommy and I could get in it and ship ourselves all over.. Is this normal? What do we do with the bag now?


  1. Maybe your mommy can make it into something worn by one of the clansmen of Scotland?

  2. Maybe some kind of Scottish gnome came with it but escaped before the book got there? Too weird.

  3. Min min - Did Mommy order the book from a really old store? Is it possible that the Pony Express carried this book to the modern shipping place?

  4. Oh, Minou - maybe we are from the same clan! My daddy's ancestors are from the scottish highlands as well. Did you know that golden retrievers originated in Scotland, near Inverness? I'm sure chihuahuas must be from somewhere nearby.

    Great job on the tulle. You are so creative. I like to spend my free time gardening...