Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First couch - my newly still in process covered couch.....
Notice the pillow fabric. I bought 20 metres of it to cover the entire couch and then changed my mind.

Second couch - my best buddies couch. I have no idea when she recovered this couch! I haven't been over in a awhile. I remember her talking pillows and curtains but couch - no.... Notice the fabric?????

Should I mention we have the same first and middle names and our last names rhyme? I could go on but I won't.
Her boyfriend sent me the photo last night. TOO FUNNY........... I will say she has great taste! (Now I know my exactly the same chair will look good as well!)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My project this weekend....
Trying to get it done before the Dictator comes home - Maybe tomorrow????
BUT I RAN OUT OF CORDING. Of course the store I bought it at is closed today but I am hoping another fabric store will have some when they open at noon. It won't be as cheap there though... And if they don't well that totally sucks...

I was really really really sick of the damask pattern. SOOOOO five years ago. If not more. it also was filthy. Never liked the black on the back either. Showed everything. I'm hoping this grey will be a little more forgiving to dog hair and drywall dust. Probably not. But hey it is all washable cause that's how I roll....

But now it is making me want to paint the walls white! oh ohhhhh..... The dictator won't like that. Maybe he'll be inspired to redo our fireplace when he sees it.

I bought the pillow fabric first to redo the whole couch - then decided I didn't like it. Oops. So now we are going to have alot of pillows! MANY MANY MANY. Or pillows for everyone at Xmas. And aprons. and reusable shopping bags.... and there will still be some left. Much happier with my second choice....

anyways. I'm procrastinating from some of those pillows that aren't waiting for cording - best to get back up to that sewing room....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It was the Vancouver Zombie Walk today so the Dictator and the girls and I went down to be looky- loos.
Learned a few things about zombies today. Most importantly:
So. I'm always planning ahead for the big day when I need to escape a zombie attack and realize I am going to have to keep Minou and Birdie hidden to not draw attention to myself or them. The zombies hardly cared about me - except one who wanted to discuss what a lovely day it was - but they all came up to Minou and Birdie.
Another important zombie fact I witnessed.
So if trying to achieve a quick get away do not se a white car or a bus.
ZOMBIES LIKE POSING FOR PICTURES. Good to know if you need a distraction.
I love watching the look on faces of people who don't know what is going on. Pretty priceless. Cab drivers didn't even mind having their cabs stopped and being smeared with blood. They were rolling down their windows taking pictures with their iphones laughing their heads off. Buses just plain stopped. There was nothing they could do until the zombies went past (there was alot of them)
It was a good laugh.

We did our engagement photos yesterday night. We acted goofy most of the time. Won't get to see them for awhile. Other then that not much is new. Started the new job which leaves me pretty tired and the dictator has been away most of the summer.... Leaves again tomorrow.... Sigh...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Made another pie tonight. A little silly to do so. Since no one is here and you know I will eat the whole thing by myself. Oops. I took the berries and the dough out of the freezer when my dad was here last week - only we never got around to making it. Too busy shopping and canoeing!

Had my hair trial for our engagement photos today. I think it is going to look totally cute! Can't wait.... I was going to take pictures of the golf course where we are hoping to do the shoot - to show the photographer BUT it poured today. For the first time in weeks. So there was no sunlight to show the photographer. Maybe tomorrow - although it isn't looking good.

I'm done a bunch of side projects that were due, including a mother of the bride dress for a friend. I have some more I need to start but I need a rest this weekend. My new job is going to take some getting used too. I'm a shopper for the TV show 'V'. Anyone remember that? I'm enjoying it but I'm not used to being in my car driving around from 7:30am until 9:00pm.... I spend more time in my car then in malls.... I'm loving my new car. I can't imagine doing this in my truck still. What a pain... I can squeeze into little spots. Yay! and the air conditioning - THANK GOODNESS. I hate air conditioning but it has been necessary. It has been hot and muggy and when you are trying to talk on your bluetooth while driving down the highway next to a semi - well no one can hear you. And doing up the windows for more then 1 minute causes unsightly sweat stains. Unslightly sweat stains are not a good thing when you are walking into Holt Renfrew picking up a gucci suit.... You get my drift. Air conditioning = good.

bed time.... I'll try and find something cute to post a picture of tomorrow.....