Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A friend passed away today.
She was young, has three kids and a husband.
It was sudden and unexpected.

I can't imagine their loss.

We worked together alot the past few years. Last year I spent 8 months sitting across from her at the table for 12 hours a day. We fought and complained like sisters but I always knew she had a kind loving heart and would do anything for anyone - even a grumpy me.

She was the most amazing artist/craftsperson. If there was something delicate requiring the patience of a god B was the one to do it. She loved it. If it was silk even better. I think her heart was made from raw silk. She lived and breathed it.

I don't even know what to say. I wasn't her closest friend, I didn't know her the longest, we didn't spend hours on the phone talking but she was one of us. One of the good guys. Someone who was just trying to make it through the work week on the bad days and someone who absolutely loved what she did and excelled at it on the good days. I hope she is happier where she is now.

I'll miss her desperate need for 20 cups of strong coffee a day.
I'll miss her bad bad bad jokes that took way to long to tell.
I'll miss telling her men with no arms and no legs jokes.
I'll miss screaming "URANUS" at her for no particular reason (she knew why)
I'll miss hearing her say "I was just thinkink" (She did alot of thinking)
I'll miss eating 2nd breakfast with her.
I'll miss all her sewing gadgets.
I'll miss her telling me I speak polish with a russian accent.
I'll miss her telling us about ingeldews shoe sales at brentwood mall.

I'm just going to miss her....

The last time I saw her in August she gave me a silk leopard print scarf. We hugged and I ran away off to the next job.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Keanu And A Cupcake

Keanu And A Cupcake

They are done and ready for halloween. tee hee! Loving all the pumpkins everywhere -can't wait to get some!

AND THERE IS TONNES OF CHRISTMAS STUFF IN THE STORES!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO it's almost time for Christmas carols on the ipod!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

cranky today.
Got the 2nd of two letters from EI.
Apparently I've misreported my earnings. I thought the first one was from 2010 - but this second one was from 2008. As much as I try and stay on top of this stuff record keeping wise I don't always. And accidentally deleting all of my ical calendars in August doesn't help.
I have NO IDEA what show I was on in 2008 for two days in June. It was a day call of some sort. It could have been anything.
The first letter I didn't really care - I thought oh well if I have to repay two weeks of EI no problem.
BUT if I'm going to start getting a letter every week it could add up.
I can't figure out what I did wrong wither. I've never intentionally lied. I usually have to make a guess at my daily rate as I have to report my earnings before I actually get the paycheck. Sometimes I don't know my hourly wage, and then you have to add on overtime, vacation pay, etc etc. But these letters are basically saying I'm missing at least one if not two extra days a week. I don't think my vacation pay has ever added up to that much.
Now I'm freaked. I try and keep all my pay stubs but they are sorted by show not by year and day call ones often go missing because it is one little pay stub and like I said I suck at record keeping........

BLAH... how annoying....... lousy way to end the week.