Thursday, July 27, 2006

007 DAY five
mommy was not on set today so absolutely no 007 news to share. She even managed to come home early so we are sitting in front of the tv right now chewing on pinecones birdie and I found in the yard.
i'm hoping someone actually takes us out of the house tonight. Like a walk on a beautiful summer evening would be nice. Lazy Mommy.
Ok Belle and Sebastian songs for Gromit...
Mommy says all of them are good and she can't pick. Alot of people say 'tigermilk' is the best album but Mommy listens to all of them on random on her ipod. 'If your feeling sinister' has alot of good songs on it too. Mommy really liked their newest cd as well 'the life pursuit' - this probably doesn't help at all....
ew ew ew barry manilow is on tv and he looks scary.
just so you don't go through withdrawal.
peek a boo
who do those belong too?
you can guess who those belong too...
007 DAY four
Ok... Not reallly a 007 story but definitely a Mommy being stupid story.
First of all they were shooting in a mental institution - they were in a section that was no longer used but were still told "do not give anything to the patients"
they were shooting a hospital scene with nurses - who needed hats. But Mommy and friends forgot to give them hats so Mommy was sent to get them as fast as she could and bring them back to the set.
Mommy gets there as they are moving the camera down a long hallway. She can't see the nurses but backs into a little 5ft x 5ft space to get out of the way of the camera. Then this guy stops the camera and says "producer coming through, producer coming through" he crosses the hallway and starts pointing at Mommy. Mommy is worried - producers NEVER talk to the extra extra extra costumer unless they want them to go home because they are costing them too much money. This producer wants to talk to mommy about her t-shirt though - her belle and sebastian t-shirt and the concert she went too. Well that is fine and good but Mommy has to find the nurses and put their hats on. But this man is signing mommy's paychecks so now she figures she better talk to him for a little bit if he wants to talk to her.
Just as the conversation is fading up comes 007 and his assistant. He then jumps into the little 5ft x 5ft space because now more equipment is coming down the hallway and he is getting out of the way. so now Mommy is stuck with the producer behind 007 and his assistant while all the nurses are waiting for her to put hats on them. THEN they roll the moniter in front of 007. Now they are all trapped in this little area.
Mommy is starting to really panic about the hats.
then over the walkie talkie mommy hears "Angela what's your 20?" (where are you in movie talk)
Mommy "trapped behind the monitor" mommy doesn't want to say too much over the walkie cause everyone can hear it.
other costume person "can you bring us the nurses hats?"
MOmmy "yes I'm just trapped behind the moniter"
other costumer person "well we need them right now"
mommy "yes I'm just trapped behind the moniter I'll go as soon as I can"
what mommy really wanted to say is "the producer is talking to me about belle and sebastian and 007 is standing in my way and I don't want to interupt anyone or push them out of the way, so I am just going to wait here until they all go away and I can leave my corner"
finally they did go away and Mommy was able to get the hats on the nurses. whew. the world almost came to an end today - but mommy saved the day...
movies are silly..
she gets to sleep in a little tomorrow because she won't be on set. maybe we will get to play with her for a bit too..

Monday, July 24, 2006

007 DAY 2
So today Mommy was getting her lunch early cause she could and who else decided to get his lunch early. You know who. There they were - Mommy, 007 and his assistant and Nancy - another costumer. Well Mommy and the assistant were wondering if they were allowed to have both desserts cause they looked so good. 007 came up and asked what it was and they assistant said "some kind of shortcake"
007 said "shortcake - I'd say tall cake"
007 looks at mommy like she is a weirdo and walked back to his trailer..
Mommy thinks 007 is totally in love with her now. Whatever - psycho...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

hee hee
forgot to tell you about this guy. Mommy thinks he is the comic boy guy from the simpsons. He was big he had a ponytail and stockings AND he had two chihuahuas in a stroller. He was alone - no girly girl making him push the chihuahuas in the stroller...
Mommy was laughing. She thinks she is going to H.E.L.L. for making fun of strangers that are probably really nice people.
heh heh... Well I will join her there cause I think it is fun too.
so we are really ticked off.... for the costume contest they got some lame ass white trash kids who couldn't read to be judges. they got all dazzled by a couple of hos in cheap sequin get ups calling themselves paris and nicole. They didn't even look at us. The second and third place winners were just as stupid. people told us afterwards that we should have won. Next year screw them all. Birdie is wearing my elvis costume (it is too small on me now) and I'll dress up as priscilla.
stupid chihuahua BBQ.
it was really hot too so we didn't wear our costumes very long - this is the only picture mommy really got of us.
birdie was a total ho too. She was checking out all kinds of guys. Her favourite one - riley - was a chihuahua mix. He fell asleep in his Mommy's lap and birdie went over and licked his naughty bits while he was passed out. Isn't that like date rape? Birdie really truly has no social skills. I can't believe she is my sister. She didn't bark though - she was very quiet which is unusual.
Mommy has to go to bed early tonight cause she has to be at work with Pierce at 5:42 am an hour out of town. That means mommy is getting up at 3:30am. HA HA HA HAAAA!!! Sucker.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

birdie and minou helping with my photoshoottomorrow is the chihuahua BBQ and mommy even finished our costumes this afternoon in the heat. There was talk of a nap and going in the pool but she managed to stay focused....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

thislooks like it is going to be mommy's next movie. She will be one of two assistants on it. YIPPEE!!! And it goes until November! Yippee!!! Mommy will work on the Pierce's movie for one more week and then on to the next one.
not much else is new. everyone is so busy working birdie and I are bored. Today - after daddy vaccuumed of course - we pulled most of the stuffing out of baboon. He is really skinny now and will look good in a bathing suit. We also brought three sticks into the house this morning while mommy was rushing out the door - running late as usual. And chewed them until they were skinny little toothpick sized pieces ALL OVEr THE CARPET.
this weekend is the chihuahua BBQ and mommy still hasn't made our costumes - that silly pantyhose dress and those retarded bobbi pin shoes have taken too much time. I hope our costumes aren't too warm cause it is supposed to be freakin' hot here this weekend. (35+)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

close up of finished dress
Mommy finished this...
Now she is doing something with these:
bobbi pins in progess
She is weird.
She hurt her I.T. today running and has been limping around the house all day. She keep putting ice on it. Birdie keeps licking the ice pak. I hope her tongue gets stuck. Not much else happened today. Daddy worked. We went for a little walk with the crippled limping one. heh heh...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We want THIS!!!!
We even have an extra shower in our pee pee room that no one uses. IT IS PERFECT!!!!!!! We NEED it. Birdie can use the old one and I will have the ultimate NEW SUPER AMAZING ONE!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

mommee wurk mommee no hum. i go poopu en da curpet wen momee nut hum. meneu an burdee no bark wen mommee cum hum. we gud qwiet dugs. Mommee saa gud qwiet burdee!!!!
meneu aat burdee gud stik - burdee need mur gud stik fruum mommee.
burdee hep mommee sew oder dae. burdee tak tings frum sewing box won bi won. burdee need all mommee har elasstiks for gud sewung. burdee hep mommee weth patrn and li en da fabrik.
burdee saw SNO!!!!!! et was rully FUN!!!! burdee run en run en run en SNO!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

1940's nylon riot dress
mommy is up to something.
she came home with two bags full of ugly pantyhose and now this.
I hope she isn't planning on wearing it. It isn't a good color on her. And it will be too small....

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

I forgot to mention - we went to the chinese night market last Sat. That itself was not so exciting. It was what we saw when we were leaving that was exciting. HEE HEE HEE
If you are eating Do Not Continue Reading
There was a boy - he was about ten. And he was sick.
Not just oh my tummy hurts cause I had too many greenies - but sick.
He was projectile vomiting. Repeatedly.
Daddy was just laughing. When Mommy and Auntie Penny realized what was going on they were too close. And realized that his fountain of puke could hit them at any given moment. I think Mommy and Auntie Penny ran faster then they ever had before to get away from it. Birdie and I were in our carriers so we were just spectators otherwise I am sure Birdie would have tried to get closer.
It looked just like a movie where they have the hose behind the guys head with unending puke streaming out of his mouth for like 10 feet.
Heh heh.
Projectile Vomit. Cool.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

ha ha on Mommy. She finally decided to apply for EI - aka free money. (yes she knows she has been giving them half her money for the past billion years but let her pretend for 30 seconds that it is free money) It took her 3 hours and three tries to fill out the claim. To be brief anyone with more then 10 employers a year should not have to fill out the same form as everyone else - as it is she is still missing two employers and needs to call tomorrow.
Birdie kept trying to help to which was making mommy angry. Birdie is really good with computers; she can walk across the keyboard once, dim the screen to black, mute the sound, close all the windows and restart the computer. That was probably half of Mommy's problems.
Mommy was done for less then 1/2 an hour and she GOT A JOB. ha ha ha haaaa!!!! Later this week (or beginning of next week) she starts on this movie. She will be doing fittings with extras in all kinds of pretty clothes from 1949. It is only for a few weeks but she seems pretty happy.
Other then that Birdie and I are exhausted and happy Mommy is going back to work. We can't keep up with her and Auntie Penny. We are used to sleeping everyday and now we are at the beach, going for walks, going out for lunch, meeting other dogs for sundaes. IT IS EXHAUSTING. Today we tried sleeping in but it never works Mommy comes and pesters us - wants to make sure we aren't dead she says. Thank goodness she is going back to work.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Minou after digging in the sand
YAY another beach day - this time with Daddy. It was nice. Except we weren't allowed to bark. Mom brought that horrible apple bitter spray with her. She is EVIL.
I kept digging holes and putting lots of sand on Mommy's and Daddy's towels. Heh heh heh. they would clean them off and i would dig another hole and put more sand on the towels.
We even went in the water a few times. I didn't like it but Birdie was doing it so i couldn't let her be the better doggie.
check this out:
Birdie taking a crap ON A ROCK
Birdie has no shame. She found a nice big rock where everyone could see her and made sure she was right where Mommy was taking pictures of Daddy and she took a POOP - ON THE ROCK. How embarrassing. So undignified.