Tuesday, July 11, 2006

mommee wurk mommee no hum. i go poopu en da curpet wen momee nut hum. meneu an burdee no bark wen mommee cum hum. we gud qwiet dugs. Mommee saa gud qwiet burdee!!!!
meneu aat burdee gud stik - burdee need mur gud stik fruum mommee.
burdee hep mommee sew oder dae. burdee tak tings frum sewing box won bi won. burdee need all mommee har elasstiks for gud sewung. burdee hep mommee weth patrn and li en da fabrik.
burdee saw SNO!!!!!! et was rully FUN!!!! burdee run en run en run en SNO!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. SNO???? Where did you see snow this time of year? You must have been up in the mountains.
    My Siamese Pandora loves to help me sew she carefully goes along removes all the pins from the fabric & pattern pieces just after the pin them together.