Saturday, July 1, 2006

Minou after digging in the sand
YAY another beach day - this time with Daddy. It was nice. Except we weren't allowed to bark. Mom brought that horrible apple bitter spray with her. She is EVIL.
I kept digging holes and putting lots of sand on Mommy's and Daddy's towels. Heh heh heh. they would clean them off and i would dig another hole and put more sand on the towels.
We even went in the water a few times. I didn't like it but Birdie was doing it so i couldn't let her be the better doggie.
check this out:
Birdie taking a crap ON A ROCK
Birdie has no shame. She found a nice big rock where everyone could see her and made sure she was right where Mommy was taking pictures of Daddy and she took a POOP - ON THE ROCK. How embarrassing. So undignified.


  1. How do you put up with the embarrasment of Birdie, Minou? You are the best big sister ever! And the cutest.
    Minou ask your mommy to email me. I need her expert advice on a sewing project. Please?

  2. There was one time my sister and I took Sophie to the beach about a year ago. Sophie was digging, having a great time, we took her down to the water....

    Then she took a great big dump. Right there in the breakers. I screamed at my sister, "get the bags, THE BAGS" while poop floated in and out with the waves. On a very busy beach. I managed to bag it though.

    so.very.embarassing. Dogs have no shame. I have more dog-poop mortification stories (one from last night in fact), but I'll spare you the details.

  3. Eh, Im sorta with Birdie on this one hehe... Mom takes me for a walk down the street and I always get shamed by her because I like to poop on the sidewalk when she doesnt have the doggie poop bags... What? its fun! I dont see what the big fuss is? Maybe Im just like my dad.. who knows...