Tuesday, July 4, 2006

ha ha on Mommy. She finally decided to apply for EI - aka free money. (yes she knows she has been giving them half her money for the past billion years but let her pretend for 30 seconds that it is free money) It took her 3 hours and three tries to fill out the claim. To be brief anyone with more then 10 employers a year should not have to fill out the same form as everyone else - as it is she is still missing two employers and needs to call tomorrow.
Birdie kept trying to help to which was making mommy angry. Birdie is really good with computers; she can walk across the keyboard once, dim the screen to black, mute the sound, close all the windows and restart the computer. That was probably half of Mommy's problems.
Mommy was done for less then 1/2 an hour and she GOT A JOB. ha ha ha haaaa!!!! Later this week (or beginning of next week) she starts on this movie. She will be doing fittings with extras in all kinds of pretty clothes from 1949. It is only for a few weeks but she seems pretty happy.
Other then that Birdie and I are exhausted and happy Mommy is going back to work. We can't keep up with her and Auntie Penny. We are used to sleeping everyday and now we are at the beach, going for walks, going out for lunch, meeting other dogs for sundaes. IT IS EXHAUSTING. Today we tried sleeping in but it never works Mommy comes and pesters us - wants to make sure we aren't dead she says. Thank goodness she is going back to work.


  1. Minou, what is EI?!? It sounds like another lovely thing that we probably don't have in my country, like universal health care and the right for anyone in love to get married. Sigh. Also, please tell your mommy that it is ridiculous for her to talk about her supposed "cellulite" when she just did a million-mile run/walk all by herself. Do you think maybe her perception is warped because she spends so much time hanging out with beautiful movie stars and tiny chihuahuas? You have blogged pictures of her in bathing suits and so I know she has nothing to worry about!

  2. oh glory I just howled at the description of Birdie walking on the keyboard. I bet she can play some mean piano.
    How cool of a job does your mommy has!

  3. Mommy is working with Pierce Brosnan again?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


  4. Ok, is there something wrong with Pierce Brosnan? I've always thought he was pretty hot. I was going to even beg you to get your mommy to take you to work so you could get his autograph for me. Who could say "no" to you Minou?

    Then again, what do I want anyone's autograph for? I don't even want to meet him. I'm getting old.

  5. EI - employment insurance! When you are unemployed they give you money! It isn't very much but all you have to do is fill out a bit of paperwork for it. And they send you cheques!
    Mommy says she probably won't get to meet Pierce AGAIN (she didn't on Grey Owl either) but she has heard he is super nice.

  6. Yay for a job. Yay for helpful Birdie! yay for EI and socialized medicine! *kermit arms*

  7. Gromit, there is nothing wrong with Pierce Brosnan. In fact, everything is RIGHT with Pierce... so, so, right.

    *fans self with hand*