Thursday, July 27, 2006

007 DAY five
mommy was not on set today so absolutely no 007 news to share. She even managed to come home early so we are sitting in front of the tv right now chewing on pinecones birdie and I found in the yard.
i'm hoping someone actually takes us out of the house tonight. Like a walk on a beautiful summer evening would be nice. Lazy Mommy.
Ok Belle and Sebastian songs for Gromit...
Mommy says all of them are good and she can't pick. Alot of people say 'tigermilk' is the best album but Mommy listens to all of them on random on her ipod. 'If your feeling sinister' has alot of good songs on it too. Mommy really liked their newest cd as well 'the life pursuit' - this probably doesn't help at all....
ew ew ew barry manilow is on tv and he looks scary.
just so you don't go through withdrawal.
peek a boo
who do those belong too?
you can guess who those belong too...


  1. So, that's not creepy at all. Not at all. No sirreee. ;)

    Have nice walkies!

  2. Love the clothes, none in my washer have ever been in such exaulted (sp?) company.

    Thanks for the suggestions, that helps me get a start!

  3. Are those 007's tightie whities?

    Perhaps you can steal a pair and "shadow box" them. That wouldn't be creepy at all...

    I agree with Aunt Stephie - mommy IS a super hero. With super human stalking/costuming powers. Be afraid.