Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello everybody...
Thank you for all the well wishes and happy thoughts!!!
I an feeling much better. Mommy gives me an itty bitty pill twice a day - I HATE IT and spit it out everytime even though it is smaller then an 1/8 inch. But it is making me feel better.
I'm also getting the special squishy food hee hee heeeee!!!!!!!
I still have to go to the doctor again apparently. AND if I puke or have diarrhea at all in the next few days I have to go back to the vet. UGH. I will have it in secret somewhere if I need to. When i am done taking those HUGE pills I have to go back so the Dr. can make sure I am completely 100% better. Yuck. Birdie has to go to though - she is due for her shots. HEH HEH HEH...
But I am feeling alot better.
Thanks everyone!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another update
Minou is in my lap - growling at an unidentified assasin. She is much perkier then yesterday. We still don't know what is wrong with her but she seems much improved. The vet is still worried though and we need to check in with him in the morning.
She was on an I.V. for the afternoon and came home with a cute little pink bandaid (that matched her nose) on her leg. (I took a picture - I'll upload it later. Must not disturb the sleeping puppy in my lap.)
She was trying to eat her food which is a good sign - I had to take it away - she is on a diet of rice and egg -1 tbsp total until she is feeling better. Birdie is quite jealous.
I think I will sleep much better tonight. Hopefully I'll even drag my sorry ass out of bed for my fitness class at 6:20am.....
I'd really like to know what caused this and know what IT is but right now I am really happy that Minou is acting like herself. Even baboon got some lovin'.......
Little Minou sized update:
She is at the hospital. They've done some more tests. They still don't know what caused it which is making it hard to properly diaginos (I can't spell that word and I am too lazy to look it up right now)
They didn't have her on an I.V. yet. They were going to try and give her some water and food and if that doesn't work next comes the needle.
Everytime I call I can hear her barking int he background. They said they were going to have to give her something to calm down because she is so upset to be in a cage, even though they keep taking her out and holding her.
She has blood in her urine, her blood tests are ok, her xrays are ok, she had a somewhat normal stool....
It sounds like she will be home tonight with some sort of medication.
That's about all for now. I think I will leave work early to pick her up.
minou xray
can't sleep... waiting for the vet to open.....
It is midnight. Minou and I just returned home from the emergency animal clinic. We thought Minou was doing better last night - no more diarrhea and she had started eating.
We were wrong.
I was about to get ready for bed tonight when we discovered Minou has thrown up all over the bed. There was blood in her vomit. ALOT of it.
Needless to say I am freaked. We went straight to the hospital and they did several blood tests and xrays. So far they don't know what it is. She almost had to stay overnight on an I.V. but we decided since she is borderline she would be happier at home. Tomorrow morning I have to take her back to the hospital to have her put on and I.V. for the day to get some fluid back in her while they figure out what is wrong. However if there is anymore puking or diarrhea of any sort tonight we have to go right back to the emergency clinic.
I hope she is going to be ok. She is definitely not herself. Very quiet. Please send her 'happy' 'get better' thoughts tomorrow. She's my bestest sweetest baby girl......

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm not feeling very good. I've had a bit of a tummy ache for two days. Friday night I had diarrhea all night. It was horrible. And then all day again Saturday. I didn't eat at all. Mommy even went to 3 dog bakery and got me and Birdie treats - but she won't let us have them until I am better. They are just sitting there on the kitchen table WAITING. I can see them when I sit on the back of the couch. They look good. They look like brownies.
Tonight I am feeling a little better though. I had a little crunch crunch a few hours ago and Mommy made me some rice. So far it is staying IN! Mommy said if I am not better tomorrow I am going to the vet. So I HAVE to get better today. Birdie is ok so far which is totally unfair. Although she didn't get any rice and that really ticked her off. HEH HEH.
Mommy started her new job this week too. She was really tired all week. She would go running before work at 5:00am when it is still dark outside. Eeewwww. One day she even went to a class at the gym. She couldn't walk for 2 days afterwards. It was pretty funny. We'll see what happens this week.
Oh and Mommy went to the groomers this weekend. She had her eyebrows down. Ooh lala. I'm sure they are very nice but it is hard to notice with the large zit she is growing in between them. And today she went and got her hair cut. She said to tell you Auntie Steph that she will take a picture of the eyebrows when the hideous monsterous zit has disappeared. Maybe the zit will be another baby sister for me and Birdie - it is THAT big.
I'm going to go pout now. Usually I ask for a greenie at 9:00pm and I always get it. But since this puking/diarrhea thing started I haven't been getting any. I'm not impressed. I make puppy dog eyes, I shake like crazy, and cry a little but no greenies. Maybe tonight I can convince them to give me one.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ugly Cupcakes

Ugly Cupcakes
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Look what mommy made. She should stick to doggy cookies - she is a lousy cook.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Minou eating Valentine treats
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We got a cake for valentine's day. We went to three dog bakery to pick it out - I didn't want to go at first because it was POURING rain. But I am glad I did. Mom finally had to cut it in half because I wouldn't let Birdie have any. HAHAHAHAAAAAA...
Birdie has school again tomorrow. Mommy has been practising with her all week but she isn't very good. Everytime they practise I sit beside Mommy and do all the tricks properly - THE FIRST TIME and I end up getting all the treats. Birdie just sits when she is supposed to lie down and lies down when she is supposed to stay sitting. She is hopeless. I swear the only time she actually gets it right is when she copies me.
I think Mommy started a new cleanse today.
It involves Coca cola, potato chips, cereal with milk, sandwiches, and cupcakes. I shall call it the dictator cleanse. Mommy seems much happier on this cleanse. I wonder how long she can stay on this one?

Cleanse day 10
Not going very well anymore. Had a major setback yesterday.
I get horrible horrible cramps from my period every month. I go to doctor's and not much happens besides prescriptions. I'm constantly being told by friends if I cut down on caffiene and sugar it will not be as bad.
I thought this cleanse might have an effect even if it is a small one - I haven't had sugar in 10 days, I have only had one caffienated drink during this thing.
I got my period yesterday. Usually my cramps last about 3 hours and then they are gone. Now to be honest I didn't take my painkillers right away yesterday - I was curious as to whether the cramps would be as severe so i went without for awhile.
Not only were they just as bad as they always are - they lasted ALL DAY - even with the painkillers. I was curled up in a ball on the couch all day. Minou and Birdie were my little heating pads taking turns on my tummy.
Dictator came home from work and saw how miserable I was. He looked in the fridge for supper and there was nothing cleanse appropriate so off he went to the grocery store.
He came back with CRACKERS, GRAPES, SMOKED GOUDA CHEESE, POTATO CHIPS and CUPCAKES. And he said 'my sweetie isn't feeling good she can eat whatever she wants to eat, screw the cleanse.'
I didn't eat everything but I did eat the crackers, grapes and cheese. Some of my favourite things. And I didn't take the horrible horse pills. That isn't allowed on the cleanse.
That cheese tasted DIVINE.
I will try and behave myself today but really this cleanse thing hasn't impressed me much. No weight loss, no bounds of energy, digestive issues aren't better, and the cramps are still awful.
I am still a pharmacists daughter at heart.

you don't have to wear that dress tonight'

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I was sneaky and joined the fan club to buy tickets early - otherwise I figured we didn't stand a chance. As it is the tickets aren't great but still - they are tickets!!!! The first show by the police in 30 years and WE ARE GOING!!!!
now I need to buy binoculars.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

As everyone is after the prized BFF position with Steph it appears I need to step it up a bit. I have not heard back after my phone interview so I think I will send more qualifications. I really want the job but I think I have this distance thing working against me.
Angela's Resume
Vancouver BC

- I have let Steph take pictures of me in the tub (yes I was actually having a bath and remember I didn't meet Steph until univeristy)
- When Steph is up late at night waiting for Mr. Happy to come home she knows she can call/email/msn/skype me anytime and chances are I'll be awake
- Minou is an excellent vaccum and will clean your kitchen floor at anytime
- we know each other's pin numbers.
- I have had a phone conversation with Steph's grandma - I know that is all I need to say about that one. heh heh.....
- I was awoken by Steph the morning after her wedding and went for breakfast with her and Mr. Happy - I still feel bad about that Mr. Happy but I'm glad you were such a good sport!
- I am actually Mr. Happy's long lost twin (I'm practically already family)
- I'm BFF with Renee Zellweger and if you are BFF with me you are BFF with her too. (Ok so I am stretching the truth a bit here)
- We survived the hurricane together (ok well from 5 blocks apart but you fed us when we had no heat)
- we can both roll our eyes when someone says 'heather' or 'breaky'
- I've recorded episodes of trading spaces for her (I never sent them to her but I recorded them)
- She is Minou's Dogmother
- I'll be 33 this year tooooooo!!!
- I'm not an aquarius but heck libras and aquarius are supposed to get along famously and that's me and Steph!
- I will happily eat as many donuts (cookies or cake) as Steph can force down my throat
- I will never make a future bridesmaid wear a 'bridesmaid dress'
- I haven't worked with steph but I have met many of her 'quirky' co workers and relish in many of the stories she shares about them

Uhmmm I am running out of things, I'm starting to come up with reasons why Steph should be my BFF. Hmmmm I think she might actually be a better BFF then me! Becca is one LUCKY girl!
We all love you Steph! Happy Valentines!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We miss you terribly and wish Dictator would win a lottery so we could go for a long plane ride.
We hope you get everything you want for your birthday including lots of greenies, pupperoni, a new t-shirt, a big bowl of crunch crunch with gravy on top, a special baboon friend, and lots of sloppy sloppy wet kisses!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and I guess some yarn or needles since Auntie Steph likes that stuff.....

Monday, February 12, 2007

wearable art 2007
My wearable art project - getting started earlier this year - last year I did it the weekend before entries were due - it was a little stressful. I'm sure I will still end up leaving most of it until the last minute.
my helpers
My big helpers!!!! They are always willing to sit on anything that needs sewing or pinning, or jump on your leg when you are doing something delicate.
We stopped at Starbucks today before going to the studio. I thought I was safe (cleanse wise) to get a green tea latte with no syrup, and soymilk. Turns out the match green tea is already sweetened before they add the syrup. Oops. It was really good. I won't do it again until my cleanse is over. Promise.....
ok I'll tell you all my running drama.
We have four volunteer leaders with our pace group. (It is quite a large group) One of us leads the group on it's route. I send out a weekly email, another lady - well she is there and the 4th lady times our running intervals telling us when we it is time to walk or run.
Does that all make sense?
I was running in the middle of the group this week. Our timing lady was at the back of the group. I usually set my watch with the timing lady just because I like to know. If I am with someone who is struggling I can tell them there is only 30 more seconds or something like that.
Someone in front of me was also timing this week. It looked like one of our particpants. She would yell "run" or "walk" at the right times so I would go along with her. Sometimes I start talking and lose track of time. Our 'timer' was so far behind me I couldn't ask her to blow the whistle.
After our run our 'timer' came up to me and started shouting at me. She wasn't going to be the timer anymore because she didn't like to be made to feel like an idiot. Why couldn't I wait 5 seconds for her to blow the whistle. It made her look stupid when we were already running and then she would blow the whistle. I was shocked and thought she was joking at first. But then she kept yelling at me.
I tried to explain what had happened - that someone in front of me was shouting run and walk. But she wouldn't listen. and she stomped off. Finally I explained to the other leader who was standing there just so someone knew what was happening. While I was explaining freak out lady came back and listened.
She eventually apologized. I'm still not sure what the big deal was. Someone suggested menopause to me. She had even accused me of being bossy. (Which I definitely can be but I was not doing at running class)
So that was my fun on what usually is my stress free running class. The though of needing a bathroom break was the last thing on my mind needless to day.
ok it is lunch time then off to the studio

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 5 of my cleanse...
I'm missing dessert. Sigh. So much that I bought unsweetened chocolate to dip strawberries in. It isn't very good. I'm no longer eating them. The craving went away.
We tried polenta for supper tonight since I'm not supposed to have pasta - it wasn't very good either - needed LOTS of luc's homemade spaghetti sauce.
Oh my.
Oh well. 7 more days.
Yesterday day I had an interview for a job - it looks like I'll be working again soon - only one week of unemployment left. Tinman a remake of the wizard of oz for the sci fi channel. The cool part is the costume designer is the designer for Moulin Rouge! (Yes THE moulin rouge with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor) I wish I had more money to make the most of this week - I am wishing I had bought some rubber boots on that last trip to seattle and I am seriously thinking about driving 3 hours one way to get them.

They are worth a trip to seattle and a bigger amount on my credit card non? Especially in a city where rain boots are a regular part of your outfit.
Birdie did well in her obedience class this week. It was really cute. She will only sit on her blanket and not on the cement floor. So she manages to wriggle her bum onto the blanket from any spot in the room.
That's all for now. I'll leave the running class drama for another day (who knew there was running class drama - I was yelled at and everything!)

Friday, February 9, 2007

I slept in until 11:00am today. I am going to totally blame it on the cleanse even though I'm not feeling the least bit tired from it. But it seems liker a good excuse.
Actually the only symptoms I seem to have are a stiff lower back and a stiff right arm - WHICH oddly enough are two spots I fight with constantly - only usually only when I am doing something - AKA not sleeping in until 11:00am and watching days of our lives! I reread the symptons and apparently muscle aches are something that can happen - I will pretend I believe in the hippy dippy new age stuff for a minute and say that there are toxins there and that this is making them better! Heh heh.
Luc has 'jumped aboard' the cleanse game too - not to say he is doing the cleanse but he quite enjoys telling me what I can't eat. And he added DUST to the list of foods I can eat (Little britain fans will get that reference) He did take my unemployed butt to the grocery store tonight to get some more almond butter and blueberries.
I'm even swallowing all the pills before my meal now (still with apple juice mind you)
I discovered a new way to tell when Birdie is going to fart. She managed to get a bunch of uncooked brown rice this morning when I was cleaning up and her stomach was kinda upset all day (she puked a bunch of it up on the carpet eventually), she was sitting in my lap at one point and I could hear her little stomach gurgling away when she started shaking - like Minou does when she is freaked out. Only Birdie is a little to 'slow' to get freaked out so she doesn't generally shake. Suddenly there was a rather potent little POUFF. Then Birdie stopped shaking and looked quite pleased with herself (she's her father's daughter).
Next time she starts shaking I am leaving the room.
I told Dictator Daddy this theory and he promptly started shaking and then let one rip - he is such a romantic.
Not much else is new here. I was too lazy to make it to my studio - had to finish my portfolio for my job interview tomorrow and then there was DISHES. I hate doing the dishes. And then days of our Lives and then Passions - you can see why I neevr made it to the studio.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cleanse Day 2
- can you believe I have actually gone an entire 24 hours without consuming sugar!!!!! I can't. This afternoon I had a MAJOR craving but luckily I was at my studio and all I had brought with me were carrots and apples - not satisfying at all. In fact I hated every bite I took.
But I did it.
The pills have not been as bad today either. I need to swallow them with enormous amounts of apple juice but at least they stay down and don't sit in my stomach for hours. I still have to plug my nose when I take them. Icky.
The bathroom issue hasn't become an issue yet either - doing my regular thing - although when it comes it comes and there is no waiting around. HEH HEH I know Steph is appreciating this discussion....
I did my usual run this AM too so all is well. I'm just running out of almond butter and I ate an entire thing of blueberries yesterday - MUST GET MORE.
The girls and I went to the - wait - make that MY studio today. I am starting on my wearable art project early so it doesn't turn into a last minute thing like last year. I forgot my camera at home but tomorrow I will bring it along and tell you more about it then....

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Minou and honeycomb
Mommy left this box on the floor for the recycling BUT there was still honeycomb inside!!! WOOHOOO.. it has been there for a few days but I was scared cause it is a dark box that makes noise when you go inside.
Today though I got brave.
Birdie was on look out for me in case Mommy got mad. I told her I would give her half of whatever I found - BUT I DIDN'T hahahahahahaha!
I managed to get stuff two times until Mommy noticed. But instead of getting mad she got the camera. No complaints here.
I went in two more times and then the box fell over and got really really scary. I think there might still be some honeycomb inside but it is too scary.
Last night I couldn't sleep so I started watching arrested development on YouTube.
I love this show and am very sad it is over. But for those of you in Canada it is on CBC around supper time everyday!!!

Minou finally let me have a username again. Brat....
I am unemployed for who knows how long so I decided it was about time I did my first cleanse.
I am approximently 2 hours into it and I HATE it. This is going to be brutal.
It is the wild rose herbal de-tox cleanse.
I can't eat any flour, dairy (except butter), sugar, tropical fruits, pasta, etc etc.
For those of you who know me that doesn't leave much for me to eat.
AND the worst part is I have to take 6 pills with breakfast and supper and have 30 drops of this horrible horrible horrible extract that tastes like dog vomit. (I am assuming)
OH MY. I hope I can stick it out. I'm a little worried about the laxitive (I'm spelling that wrong) end of things - especially for runs.
Right now the 1st set of 6 pills is just sitting in the pit of my stomach. Making me feel nauseous. I have always hated pills and they always make me throw up. Usually it just takes one or two - 6 is going to be horrible...
Am I done complaining yet? maybe. maybe not.

It's kinda nice not working - I need to make myself busy though. I do need a paycheck. Theatre pays so badly I have managed to completely empty out my savings account. I need to do my taxes get some of that $$ but I am still missing half my T-4s.

Am I done complaining now. Ok. I guess so.
Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

minou's arch nemesis
we went for a walk today. and we saw these evil evil evil squirrels. They are horrible....

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Saturday, February 3, 2007

my pimped pic!
my pimped pic!

Sorry - we haven't really been busy - just lazy. Grandma is here right now. Mommy and her went to Seattle for night yesterday. They came back with all kinds of crap from outlet malls and target. Even t-shirts for me and Birdie. Mommy's show opened on Wednesday. It isn't getting great reviews but no one has said anything bad about the costumes so that is good. Today was Birdie's secind class at Dogstars. I stayed home with Grandma because I was tired. Apparently she did ok.
Not much else is new. Mommy and Grandma are very tired from all the shopping so it was a very lazy day.