Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cleanse Day 2
- can you believe I have actually gone an entire 24 hours without consuming sugar!!!!! I can't. This afternoon I had a MAJOR craving but luckily I was at my studio and all I had brought with me were carrots and apples - not satisfying at all. In fact I hated every bite I took.
But I did it.
The pills have not been as bad today either. I need to swallow them with enormous amounts of apple juice but at least they stay down and don't sit in my stomach for hours. I still have to plug my nose when I take them. Icky.
The bathroom issue hasn't become an issue yet either - doing my regular thing - although when it comes it comes and there is no waiting around. HEH HEH I know Steph is appreciating this discussion....
I did my usual run this AM too so all is well. I'm just running out of almond butter and I ate an entire thing of blueberries yesterday - MUST GET MORE.
The girls and I went to the - wait - make that MY studio today. I am starting on my wearable art project early so it doesn't turn into a last minute thing like last year. I forgot my camera at home but tomorrow I will bring it along and tell you more about it then....


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    -- Bob Bowdon
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  2. Maureen in VictoriaFebruary 8, 2007 at 8:09 PM

    Oh, honey, I went on the South Beach Diet for a full two weeks and had no sugar... and that diet included ALL sugar. So, no fruit, no starch (which ends up as sugar), and no alcohol--at least, that was the *official* diet. Mine included red wine. I didn't lose weight, but BOY did I feel deprived.

    I feel you lack of sweetened pain.

    Poor child.


  3. Maureen in VictoriaFebruary 8, 2007 at 8:13 PM

    ...and oh, my word. I just realized we're across the Straight (of Georgia... which sounds exotic and Southern, like Crazy Aunt Purl... but, sadly, is neither Purl nor southern).

    And PS: I have to laugh at the "View Full Size" button on the photos of Burdee and Mino, because I imagine that they're not much bigger than their photos!)

    And double PS: someone corrected me once on "neither ... nor" and made it "neither... or". Thoughts?

  4. I think it should be EITHER "neither nor" OR "either or". But I'm a scientist, so my grammer opinions tend to be sketchy.

    *snort* My conversations with Steph tend to end up on the subject of pooping quite often, too. The burning ring of fire...

  5. People are always telling me about their poop or lack thereof!!! It's not completely my fault!

    My coworkers are the worst. Typical statements from coworkers:
    "You look like you need to poop."
    "I haven't pooped in days"
    "I have to go poop. Can we meet later?"
    "You get this weird look on your face when you haven't pooped."

    Yup. Professional and very grown up.

    What is it about me that people feel the need to tell me about their poop????

  6. 24 hours with no sugar... sorry I'm stuck on that line and couldn't read any further. (Warning: Don't look at my blog today)(But now you're curious aren't you?)

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