Friday, February 16, 2007

Cleanse day 10
Not going very well anymore. Had a major setback yesterday.
I get horrible horrible cramps from my period every month. I go to doctor's and not much happens besides prescriptions. I'm constantly being told by friends if I cut down on caffiene and sugar it will not be as bad.
I thought this cleanse might have an effect even if it is a small one - I haven't had sugar in 10 days, I have only had one caffienated drink during this thing.
I got my period yesterday. Usually my cramps last about 3 hours and then they are gone. Now to be honest I didn't take my painkillers right away yesterday - I was curious as to whether the cramps would be as severe so i went without for awhile.
Not only were they just as bad as they always are - they lasted ALL DAY - even with the painkillers. I was curled up in a ball on the couch all day. Minou and Birdie were my little heating pads taking turns on my tummy.
Dictator came home from work and saw how miserable I was. He looked in the fridge for supper and there was nothing cleanse appropriate so off he went to the grocery store.
He came back with CRACKERS, GRAPES, SMOKED GOUDA CHEESE, POTATO CHIPS and CUPCAKES. And he said 'my sweetie isn't feeling good she can eat whatever she wants to eat, screw the cleanse.'
I didn't eat everything but I did eat the crackers, grapes and cheese. Some of my favourite things. And I didn't take the horrible horse pills. That isn't allowed on the cleanse.
That cheese tasted DIVINE.
I will try and behave myself today but really this cleanse thing hasn't impressed me much. No weight loss, no bounds of energy, digestive issues aren't better, and the cramps are still awful.
I am still a pharmacists daughter at heart.

you don't have to wear that dress tonight'


  1. Hippy dippy cleanse, bah!

    You need drugs.

  2. I have had a similar experience with cramps - perhaps caffeine, sugar, and salt reduction work for some women's cramps, but certainly not mine! If the drugs don't work for me I get a nice glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry. THAT usually does the trick!

    But not so good if you have to drive.