Friday, February 16, 2007

Minou eating Valentine treats
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We got a cake for valentine's day. We went to three dog bakery to pick it out - I didn't want to go at first because it was POURING rain. But I am glad I did. Mom finally had to cut it in half because I wouldn't let Birdie have any. HAHAHAHAAAAAA...
Birdie has school again tomorrow. Mommy has been practising with her all week but she isn't very good. Everytime they practise I sit beside Mommy and do all the tricks properly - THE FIRST TIME and I end up getting all the treats. Birdie just sits when she is supposed to lie down and lies down when she is supposed to stay sitting. She is hopeless. I swear the only time she actually gets it right is when she copies me.
I think Mommy started a new cleanse today.
It involves Coca cola, potato chips, cereal with milk, sandwiches, and cupcakes. I shall call it the dictator cleanse. Mommy seems much happier on this cleanse. I wonder how long she can stay on this one?


  1. MMM, the dairy/salt/sugar/fat clease, I know it well...tell mommy she forgot the most important food group, "wine and wine alternatives"