Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Minou and honeycomb
Mommy left this box on the floor for the recycling BUT there was still honeycomb inside!!! WOOHOOO.. it has been there for a few days but I was scared cause it is a dark box that makes noise when you go inside.
Today though I got brave.
Birdie was on look out for me in case Mommy got mad. I told her I would give her half of whatever I found - BUT I DIDN'T hahahahahahaha!
I managed to get stuff two times until Mommy noticed. But instead of getting mad she got the camera. No complaints here.
I went in two more times and then the box fell over and got really really scary. I think there might still be some honeycomb inside but it is too scary.


  1. What a brave dog you are. Cereal boxes can be monsters.

  2. you are very very brave minooo. i am so scared of stuff that falls over. i really hate boxes, especially the big brown kind and i don't like it when they are broken down and are laying on the floor.