Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Little Minou sized update:
She is at the hospital. They've done some more tests. They still don't know what caused it which is making it hard to properly diaginos (I can't spell that word and I am too lazy to look it up right now)
They didn't have her on an I.V. yet. They were going to try and give her some water and food and if that doesn't work next comes the needle.
Everytime I call I can hear her barking int he background. They said they were going to have to give her something to calm down because she is so upset to be in a cage, even though they keep taking her out and holding her.
She has blood in her urine, her blood tests are ok, her xrays are ok, she had a somewhat normal stool....
It sounds like she will be home tonight with some sort of medication.
That's about all for now. I think I will leave work early to pick her up.


  1. I’d say if she has an awareness of her surroundings, she is grumbling, and complaining (barking) about being in the cage hopefully, she is feeling a bit better…this is my hope.
    Have they done an ultrasound?
    Lots of prayers & healing thoughts are being sent from the East Coast.

  2. Poor baby (both of you). I wish I could send real hugs your and Minou's way (she must be scared and confused). Sophie and I are thinking about you...

  3. Hey Minou,
    Sending you some greyhound love and we hope they figure out what's wrong quick and getting you feeling better!