Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It is midnight. Minou and I just returned home from the emergency animal clinic. We thought Minou was doing better last night - no more diarrhea and she had started eating.
We were wrong.
I was about to get ready for bed tonight when we discovered Minou has thrown up all over the bed. There was blood in her vomit. ALOT of it.
Needless to say I am freaked. We went straight to the hospital and they did several blood tests and xrays. So far they don't know what it is. She almost had to stay overnight on an I.V. but we decided since she is borderline she would be happier at home. Tomorrow morning I have to take her back to the hospital to have her put on and I.V. for the day to get some fluid back in her while they figure out what is wrong. However if there is anymore puking or diarrhea of any sort tonight we have to go right back to the emergency clinic.
I hope she is going to be ok. She is definitely not herself. Very quiet. Please send her 'happy' 'get better' thoughts tomorrow. She's my bestest sweetest baby girl......


  1. Oh my god. Minou. I hope she's ok. My heart is in my throat for you...

  2. Ang - Ok, I'm in tears. Please give my dear sweet god-dog lots of gentle kisses and pats. And I'm sending a hug for you too.

  3. Minou, You are in our doggy and human thoughts and prayers. Post an update as soon as you can.

    Love and Sloppy kisses,
    Abbey, Opie and Ollie