Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm not feeling very good. I've had a bit of a tummy ache for two days. Friday night I had diarrhea all night. It was horrible. And then all day again Saturday. I didn't eat at all. Mommy even went to 3 dog bakery and got me and Birdie treats - but she won't let us have them until I am better. They are just sitting there on the kitchen table WAITING. I can see them when I sit on the back of the couch. They look good. They look like brownies.
Tonight I am feeling a little better though. I had a little crunch crunch a few hours ago and Mommy made me some rice. So far it is staying IN! Mommy said if I am not better tomorrow I am going to the vet. So I HAVE to get better today. Birdie is ok so far which is totally unfair. Although she didn't get any rice and that really ticked her off. HEH HEH.
Mommy started her new job this week too. She was really tired all week. She would go running before work at 5:00am when it is still dark outside. Eeewwww. One day she even went to a class at the gym. She couldn't walk for 2 days afterwards. It was pretty funny. We'll see what happens this week.
Oh and Mommy went to the groomers this weekend. She had her eyebrows down. Ooh lala. I'm sure they are very nice but it is hard to notice with the large zit she is growing in between them. And today she went and got her hair cut. She said to tell you Auntie Steph that she will take a picture of the eyebrows when the hideous monsterous zit has disappeared. Maybe the zit will be another baby sister for me and Birdie - it is THAT big.
I'm going to go pout now. Usually I ask for a greenie at 9:00pm and I always get it. But since this puking/diarrhea thing started I haven't been getting any. I'm not impressed. I make puppy dog eyes, I shake like crazy, and cry a little but no greenies. Maybe tonight I can convince them to give me one.


  1. Minou,
    Hope you get well soon. For Pappy's birthday we gave him a crapload of treats and foods he's never had before. I'm awaiting the eruption.

  2. Oh you poor sweet little poopy puppy - I hope you feel better now.

    I hope the groomer gave Mommy a treat after pulling out her eyebrows.