Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big race tonight.
Bigger then that Jamaican guy at the olympics.

The Dictator is racing Minou and Birdie at the soccer field down the street.

He thinks he can beat them.

I don't think he can.

There was an impromptu race last week during which the Dictator had his ass kicked, Apparently there was several reasons for this. Wrong shoes, no warm up, wearing jeans, to soon after supper, etc etc. Well today he announced his intentions for this evening so there is no excuse. There will be a race no excuses for the losers. (well except Birdie who sometimes goes the wrong way.)

Video to follow the race..... Hopefully ice cream too!
From Port Moody

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mrs. Happy posted this video on flickr - thought I would share it..... I wish I was sleeping as soundly as that little guy..
So tired. Worked until 6:00am last night. Was pretty useless for the last 3 hours.... Drove home in the bright sunshine..... Slept until noon but not a good sleep. Minou wanted me to get up. She had to poo. Heaven forbid she ask her Daddy to take her out since he was wide awake watching tv... Brat...
Anyways - we went for a long walk and now I think it is time to go back to bed...
I have no cute crafts or nothing to share - way to pooped from work. Only a few more days left! I think 2 weeks and then I'll be unemployed again.... Sigh.... I've had a few 'maybe' offers this past week so hopefully one of them will turn into something...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I'm pretty tired today. I had to work yesterday (saturday) and it has been a long week. Today it was hard ot stay awake but I was excited to go to ikea and buy the patio furniture I wanted. We got up early ish to go and guess what - it was SOLD OUT! NOOOOOO!!!!!
I could have done a bit more research though but I last time I waited for a piece of furniture to come in it took 5 weeks of waiting. Something told me the seasonal furniture wouldn't be replaced that easily either. Best just to move on - I hadn't been 100% about it anyways.
We found another set that was resonably priced at Home Depot. Not as comfy looking but it had all the elements and was small enough for our yard. Of course by the time we got home with it, it was pouring rain. LIKE DUMPING! I set it up anyways and it dried up but it wasn't a nice warm evening to sit outside.
There is still some cleaning up to do but basically our yard is done. The dictator has plans for the fence but I think he is going to take a bit of a break first........
Can't wait for a nice warm summer evening to sit outside.

Oh the Dictator bought a new BBQ too - he named it after Sydney since they have the same birthday.... It's under that ugly cover - we'll have to get a new one...
From Backyard Reno

From Backyard Reno
Little S&M 'Happy' is out! (I hope I spelled it right)
He's the same size as Minou and I even heard him Squwak over the phone for a second. Mommy sounds REALLY tired but REALLY happy that the little guy is out. Daddy sounded pretty tired too. (Wha? Huh?)
Congratulations Happy Family!!!!!!!! Now you are even happier!!!!!!!!!
I have 'nephew' to spoil and he is far away so I the Dictator and I agreed we can like him because we don't have to spend time with him. heh heh.
Minou even sends her kisses (because I bribed her with a treat)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is it - she's having her baby!!!!!!! PUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

***********SPOILER ALERT*************


If you don't want to see Mrs. Happy's baby present please go back now do not pass go do not collect $200.








That includes you Mrs. Happy - go get that baby out!






I finally finished it - just in time. The baby is a coming any hour/minute/second now. She isn't in the hospital yet but let's just say her dad is making her sit on towels everytime they go somewhere in the car. heh heh. I think it turned out pretty well. If I was doing it again I'd make the robot a little smaller but other then that - YAY!!!!
The lovely robot drawing is by a certain amazing artist who lives with sillycon - to lazy to link it but she's in the sidebar.
The overalls are bamboo - I wanted a denim but they were all to stiff or the wrong shade of blue so I thought I would try it. Steph will have to keep me posted on how it washes.
From minou pitou

Now to shower and get it in the MAIL! Hopefully my tea bag dress hits New Zealand before this little guy gets to Halifax.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I get to make puppy clothes for the movie!!! TEE HEE!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Been working with this gang from L.A. on my latest show. It's been really nice - I really like them all. I can't quite decide what it is that makes it so nice.

Is it:

A) the fact that they are all closer to my age and of similar backgrounds? Aka no middle aged moms with kids? Not that there is anything wrong with that it is just nice when you talk about something and everyone in the room 'gets it'

B) that by some miracle we all have the same taste in music? I have never been in a room with 12 depeche mode lovers - like fervent! We all have tonnes of it on our ipods and can all sing along to every song. Ahh Depeche Mode. Brings me back to when I was 15. Alan Wilder where are you now?

C) because there is BOYS? Heck they may fart and tell rude jokes ALL DAY LONG but it is sure refreshing instead of a bunch of catty women. They keep farting and I keep laughing. There was a sausage joke that went on for many hours yesterday and yes I kept laughing at that too. I even learned how to catch a fly, put it to sleep (with air in a can), glue a string to it's belly (and what kind of glue works best) and then exactly how much weight a fly can support (fortunes from fortune cookies are too heavy I'll have you know)- I know I know we are all going to burn in hell. I will have you know I watched in horror and only was laughing when one of the other girls screamed in terror at the fly on a string approaching them. (yes they often go full retard too)

Good times.. Some of this enjoyment may be delerium as we worked until the wee hours of the morning and are often hopped up on sugar - yesterdays menu included a venti green tea latte, a coca cola, a dixi cup of penny candies, bread pudding with strawberry stuff, another green tea, and happy pills (they can be purchased in a store!)

Other then that nothing is new. Just trying to stay awake. Sand has arrived for the backyard. I currently have a cd STUCK in my computer so I have to take it in to have it removed. SO ANNOYING! I can't be without my computer for a few days. WAHHHH!!!!
(Apparently it doesn't matter that I have a laptop that works just fine)

Dogs are barking perhaps that means the dictator has arrived back home....

Time to sneeze too....

**Note this is NOT our fly on a string