Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I'm pretty tired today. I had to work yesterday (saturday) and it has been a long week. Today it was hard ot stay awake but I was excited to go to ikea and buy the patio furniture I wanted. We got up early ish to go and guess what - it was SOLD OUT! NOOOOOO!!!!!
I could have done a bit more research though but I last time I waited for a piece of furniture to come in it took 5 weeks of waiting. Something told me the seasonal furniture wouldn't be replaced that easily either. Best just to move on - I hadn't been 100% about it anyways.
We found another set that was resonably priced at Home Depot. Not as comfy looking but it had all the elements and was small enough for our yard. Of course by the time we got home with it, it was pouring rain. LIKE DUMPING! I set it up anyways and it dried up but it wasn't a nice warm evening to sit outside.
There is still some cleaning up to do but basically our yard is done. The dictator has plans for the fence but I think he is going to take a bit of a break first........
Can't wait for a nice warm summer evening to sit outside.

Oh the Dictator bought a new BBQ too - he named it after Sydney since they have the same birthday.... It's under that ugly cover - we'll have to get a new one...
From Backyard Reno

From Backyard Reno

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