Wednesday, August 31, 2005

those poor puppies

I would be so scared....

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

katrina animal rescue

ok we have tried to donate to TWO websites now and they say we are making errors - I don't know what is going on.
Has anyone else has any problems who found a website that worked?
I couldn't posisbkly be our credit card.. Nooooo...
we are looking for some tips!


it was our credit card...

we suck

this is where we donated

help all the poor little animals who can't swim and are scared and lonely and wet and hungry......

cousin Julien and bombs

Look at my cousin - he is HUGE! Apparently we are all going camping this weekend. I don't know if I like this. He Is Huge. I am not Sharing. No way. He better bring his own food.
His sweater isn't very stylish either.
I just don't know about this.
It makes me very nervous...
We are going camping in Salmon Arm this time - not the island. Not by the pretty tree place.
Christine took me for a walk today and then we watched oprah together - the dog whisperer..
OK Mommy just got home and she is a little freaked. She said she was at the mall tonight when all of a sudden all the stores closed. Everyone was kicked out. There were police everywhere - it was a bomb scare. Then she was in the parkade and she couldn't get out! Everyone was trying to leave. She started to get worried that she might die alone in her car in the parkade. That would have been sad. I wouldn't have known ehere
oh I just puked. Ooops. I shouldn't have eaten that good smelling thing during my walk.
i was going to say I wouldn't have known where Mommy was if she had blown up in the mall. I am glad mommy is home.

Monday, August 29, 2005


This puppy has a widget. I feel so 2004 without one. Man I want a widget too...
Widgets are cool. Everyone needs to update to OS tiger just for all the widgets! Mommy and I have been downloading widgets ALL DAY... WOOWEEEE

Sunday, August 28, 2005

lazy weekend

unlike last weekend where we went camping and I had photos to post All Week. This weekende we didn't do much. Mommy and I went to a work picnic on Saturday for a lady from Stargate. It was fun until those other dogs showed up. Then I had to tell them I was in charge and they didn;t listen to me and Mommy got mad at me. There was soooo much food too and I tried to look really cute and no one gave me any food! I could not believe it. 30+ people and NO FOOD FOR MINOU. And then one of the other dogs named Cookie at my stick. Ugh.
But when we went home my Grandma was here! Yippee!!! She stayed one night and Mommy says she lives in Vancouver now and not in Quebec. YAY we can share my dog cookies!
Today we went shopping to buy Grandma a bike. She doesn't have a basket for me to ride in though.
Not much else is new......
oh and we added word verification to our comments because we got our first spam the other day... hope no one minds too much.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

mommy said I had to post this for you Auntie Steph

isn't it gross! It is fatter then the slug that was trying to eat her tonight but not as long. I was protecting her from the slug for a little while tonight but then I got bored - it was taking to long to get her so I went inside....

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

more camping photos cause mommy is working too many hours to come up with anything new to say

Can you find me and Daddy in this one?

pictures of cathedral grove and MEEEE

Monday, August 22, 2005

i forgot some pictures

me in the tent

my favourite stop during the vacation.....

me looking for crabs


There is alot of pictures from our weekend but I will show you a few....
this is me and mommy on longbeach BC - it was cold and rainy...

Me and Daddy at Cathedral Grove - Mommy loved it here..... We have lots of pictures from here.

Me and Mommy sitting by the fire

Me and Mommy sitting in some tree roots

me looking for shells - mommy was looking too - this was our campsite

Me trying to help daddy off the tree but I got scared and turned around

i fell in the water - you can see where my shirt got wet.
There are lots more pictures - maybe some more tomorrow - it is late today. I had to wait while Mommy downloaded OSXtiger and it took FOREVER!!!!!! and she doesn't even know how to use it - silly mommy...

Friday, August 19, 2005


Mommy has been too busy at her new job this week to help me with my blog. She has been working 12 hour days again. BUT this time she doesn't come home dirty and sad - just tired. She said today she has to try on pretty dresses all day because she is the same size as an actress who is going to be there tonight and they don't have time to have a fitting. SOMEONE IS FINALLY DRESSING HER UP LIKE SHE DRESSES ME UP. I hope she feels stupid.
We are going camping this weekend so I won't be able to post while we are gone - I don't know what camping is but Mommy says the computer isn't coming. She said we have to take a ferry too - something about water - I hope it isn't like that orange thing....
but I will post when we are back - I will make Mommy take lots of cool pictures of me too.
Mommy's show is on tuesdays at 9:00pm on CBC- the new season hasn't started yet. Apparently some americian stations have bought it so some of you in the states may get to see it! Oh and Mommy was told to watch little Britian on showcase on Wednesday nights at 10:00 - she wa laughing alot when she saw it. Her boss loves it and talks about it all day long. I didn't like it as much - there wasn't a single puppy in it. That iams commerical is wayyyyy better.

Monday, August 15, 2005

we're knights of the round table we dance whenever we're able

Aren't I gallant? Where is my round table? And my holy grail?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Our internet sucks tonight.

Somehow daddy is able to play internet poker but Mommy and I can't even check our email so we aren't sure how this post will turn out.
But here goes....
We had an, shall we say, interesting day today. Mommy and I went visit Petra and Mary. Petra works with Mommy and I have met her before - I like her alot. But Mary I wasn't too sure. Mary is white like me and about my height but she was fat and fuzzy. Mommy made me share my treats with her which I did not like AT ALL! Then after we had visited for what I thought was plenty long enough mommy made me put on this big thick lime green sweater, she put on one too. Then we walked down this long skinny road surrounded by water - Mary and Petra came too only they didn't wear the matching vests. Then at the end of the road there were these orange things and Petra put them in the water. Next thing I know MOMMY PUTS ME IN IT!!!! I WAS HORRIFIED. Then MOMMY GOT IN IT. Then SHE PUSHED IT AWAY FROM THE ROAD. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I white knuckled that orange thing. It was sooo scary. Mary didn't seem to mind - she must be dumb - didn't she know we were surrounded by water?
This water was wayyyyy bigger then the big bathub Mommy calls the pool in the backyard - it was even bigger then the backyard. And we took this orange thing in the middle of it. I was sooo scared. I tried to be good but after awhile I started to cry. I was just too scared. Mommy said too bad we were far away now. Whatever. I just wanted out so I kept putting my paws on the edge, I was just looking for the right place to jump out. Mommy told me toforget it and "Get out of my way and stay in the kayak" then she would hit me on the head with this big stick she had. She said it was an accident and it was because I kept trying to jump out, and she didn't really want to hit me on the head with the stick - like it was all my fault. HARDLY. It was totally her fault, I think she was trying to knock me out so I would be quiet. I never asked to go on this little trip.
Finally she turned around and then I was sure I could get out so I was trying even harder to jump out which resulted in more angry glares from Mommy and more hits on the head with the big stick. The big stick kept dropping water on my head too which I hardly enjoyed...
We got back and I have never been sooo happy to walk on that long skinny road. I didn't even care that I had that funny green sweater on. I hope we never do that again.
When we got back Mommy and Petra went in her pool in her backyard, it isn't as big as ours but Mommy said it was warmer. Mommy screamed like I sometimes do and fell under the water so I came running over - she said she just slipped off her pool thing and that she was okay. Whew.
Not much else happened Mommy and Petra talked and ate - and didn't share anything with me and Mary. Then I decided I wanted to play chase with Mary and Mommy kept asking why I wanted to play now that we were leaving. CAUSE I WAS FINALLY READY TOO. Silly Mommy it isn't like I was waiting for her to pack up her purse before I decided to play with Mary.
Anyways we are home now, I am glad and tired.. Time to play with Daddy and Baboon a bit before bed.
I will add some pictures another day - our internet is being really stupid still.
.... Next day now....
Our internet is better so I can add photos...

here we are getting ready for that "trip" - notice how I am gripping the edge of that orange thing as tightly as I can without opposable thumbs. That is Mary's bum in the corner of the picture.

This was Daddy yesterday afternoon. After he came out he said he hurt his - well you know, and if you don't you can guess when you realized how he was going to hit the water like a pancake.

these were some of the barbarians from Mommy's job - one of them is 6'7", he added the dandelions to his headband and Mommy thought it was funny so she took a picture.
Mommy is going to the dentist today - she says it is like going to the vet only WORSE. I hope I don't have to go with her.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

done work

Mommy is finally done working on merlin. She is very happy about it so she says - however it is hard to tell. She came home crying and dirty last night at 5:00am and has slept all day. No walks, no sitting by the pool, nothing. So I slept with her. I like napping with Mommy. We moved from the couch to the bed to the couch to the bed back and forth all day. I kinda wish she had showered though - she smells pretty gross. I tried licking her to clean her up but it was a lost cause.
Hopefully tomorrow we will do something fun.
nothing much else is new. She has been at work alot this week. I went for a walk with Christine on Wednesday I wish Mommy had told her to come on thursday too. Yesterday night Daddy came home. He golfed a bunch today.
i guess that is all... Bedtime

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

i hate titles I refuse to have one.
donate DONATE DONATE we haven't gotten any new donations in WEEKS. We know there are more of you out there - give us a $1, give us $5! if you are American and you give us $.25 it is probably like giving us a $1.00 canadian.... We are sooo close to our goal but we aren't there.. sigh and now you can win the prize!!!!!!
I am a little worried Mommy is going to bring a brother home for me. NO WAY!!!! Yesterday I heard her talking on the phone - ohhhing and ahhing with AUntie Thyrza so I went and sat outside so I could hear what she was saying.
It wasn't good.
there is some chihuahua/terrier cross that was on a movie set last week. The animal wrangler was giving him away because he failed movie school.
He is probably 'special' if he failed school. I wouldn't fail school - I would be at the top of the class. If they didn't make me do stupid things.
anyways - he failed... and now the wrangler didn't want him.
So the wrangler gave him away to another costume lady. That costume lady took him home but found out the german sheperd she had didn't get along with him so she can't keep him....
Mommy kept saying she wanted him. Now I don't think we are allowed to have another puppy here - which might save me from this DOOM... But I don't know and whenever I bark at the landlady to ask her she just tells me I am cute. It is very frustrating trying to get these silly people to understand me.
I don't care if he is cute, and neutered and trained and stuff - he is an icky poor and he will try and steal my treats and attention.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

this weekend

ok sooooo Mommy had Friday off and it was really nice. We went for a walk and spent the afternoon by the pool. Then Daddy came home and they left! how rude. Apparently MOmmy and Daddy went to go see something called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All I know if that when Mommy came home she kept telling me to quit mumbing because she couldn't understand what I was saying. I don't mumble I bark. She's nuts.
Sat. Mommy went for a run and Daddy and me went along on the bike. Mommy didn't look very good. I thought she was going to DIE. When we got home I got really worried cause she walked straight into the big bathtub/pool in the backyard with all her clothes on. She never goes in that quickly or with all her clothes on. I think she was sick.
We went to the fireworks again on Sat. It was fun and I got to see Thyrza and Erez! EEEEEeeeeEEEeee!!!!
Today we went for a walk in the park again. I love the park...

this is a spiderweb we saw. it was pretty....

and a crazy tree - the bark (ha ha ha a pun) was weird

this is what me and Mommy did this afternoon. you can see the two bottles of SPF 30 sunscreen. I won't wear it so Mommy makes me sit in the shade - you can see me on my mousie pillow under the diving board. Daddy brought home a green tea frappesomething or other from starbucks that he shared with Mommy. Mommy was knitting. It never looks any longer though - she just knits and knits. What she doesn't know is at night when she goes to bed I frog a few rows - not alot just two or three to make her progress really slow. I hope she doesn't read this.
we also went for mexican food at mommy's favourite restaurant - we took take out so we could all eat together in the park. It was fun.

Friday, August 5, 2005


this is what we will give you if you donate to the paws for cause!!!!
Mommy decided to help people have a reason to donate she will give away some stuff!
for every $5 you donate to the spca paws for cause in my name Mommy will put your name in a little hat!! and then, perhaps the day of the walk - Sept 11, we will pick out the winner!!!
So far in our goody bag we have two skeins of noro - that is all I am going to tell you cause mommy didn't give me any details, an autographed photo of moi (must be worth ALOT), a starbucks gift card for $20 CAD (sorry Americans it will work in the USA but apparently the exchange won't be very good), a puppy photo frame, and - the BEST part 10 of Mommy's homemade puppy cookies, some of the cheese ones and some of the peanut butter ones. I think it is worth it RIGHT THERE! That is what I want - in fact I told her NOT to give them to you all cause I want them - I even cried. But so far I have not convinced her... but when Sept comes and Mommy can't find any cookies you can't blame ME!
Mommy said we will keep adding silly things to it as we find them!
So good luck one and all.
IMPORTANT NOTE**** We know some of you are bloggers who have donated because we know your REAL names and your blogs names - but some of you we don't, so if you have donated already (or are going to donate) and want your name to be entered send us a little email saying who you are and that you have a blog and want your name entered- that way we won't have to enter everybody's names - like grandpa's - who wouldn't want our yarn.

mommy took a picture of her boring knitting today. OOOHhh what non-progress. She has the day off today and said we would sit by the pool and knit so perhaps it will get a little longer - I am predicting November for this summer camisole to be finished,,,,
She is also starting a new knitting project for me today - something for a silly surprise at work - so we will keep you all in suspense until it is finished - but here is a hint - knights of the round table wear it......

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

i got to go for TWO walks today and hung out at the beach with Christine - she is wayyyyy better then Mommy. Stupid Mommy. She got up at 5:00am and was running late so she didn't even give me a kiss goodbye. And then she didn't come home until 10:30pm. Fine ignore me I will ignore you and blog! hee hee.. And now she won't give me treats!
stupid. I am MADDDD...
Christine took pictures of me on the beach but I don't have them yet so I will post them later.
Mommy took pictures today at work.

This is where mommy was working today - not a bad view. She isn't supposed to take personal photos on the set so she could only sneak a few pointed away from the set and take continuity photos.
She has a picture of some knights but she could get in big trouble if she posted them so you will all have to wait and if you really can't stand it go see the movie when it comes out and if you still are going crazy cause you want to see the boring photo you will have to email my mommy.

This is dirty mommy's foot. She comes home at least this dirty everynight - I am surprised people still talk to her there.
no new donations - Mommy hasn't hit up the people at work yet - she better - soon!!!! OR ELSE!!!

Monday, August 1, 2005

Mommy finished the tutu

FINALLY!!! only a month late

oh well - it is pretty though. I do miss playing in the fabric and you can see it does not fit the mannequin very well. Esme is smaller.... it is too big on me though... speaking of TOO BIG

what is up with that - I was terrified and Mommy kept petting that HUGE DOG - HUGE!!!!!! So the stranger lady had to hold me since I was terrified... evil Mommy and Daddy..
we had fun in the park though. Mommy figured out that if she puts her camera in sports mode she can actually get non - blurry pictures of me that is just how fast I am

now I am tired after all that running.. time to rest before supper...