Tuesday, August 30, 2005

cousin Julien and bombs

Look at my cousin - he is HUGE! Apparently we are all going camping this weekend. I don't know if I like this. He Is Huge. I am not Sharing. No way. He better bring his own food.
His sweater isn't very stylish either.
I just don't know about this.
It makes me very nervous...
We are going camping in Salmon Arm this time - not the island. Not by the pretty tree place.
Christine took me for a walk today and then we watched oprah together - the dog whisperer..
OK Mommy just got home and she is a little freaked. She said she was at the mall tonight when all of a sudden all the stores closed. Everyone was kicked out. There were police everywhere - it was a bomb scare. Then she was in the parkade and she couldn't get out! Everyone was trying to leave. She started to get worried that she might die alone in her car in the parkade. That would have been sad. I wouldn't have known ehere
oh I just puked. Ooops. I shouldn't have eaten that good smelling thing during my walk.
i was going to say I wouldn't have known where Mommy was if she had blown up in the mall. I am glad mommy is home.

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  1. Oh Minou! What a world we live in that little babies like you have to worry about things like this!