Friday, August 19, 2005


Mommy has been too busy at her new job this week to help me with my blog. She has been working 12 hour days again. BUT this time she doesn't come home dirty and sad - just tired. She said today she has to try on pretty dresses all day because she is the same size as an actress who is going to be there tonight and they don't have time to have a fitting. SOMEONE IS FINALLY DRESSING HER UP LIKE SHE DRESSES ME UP. I hope she feels stupid.
We are going camping this weekend so I won't be able to post while we are gone - I don't know what camping is but Mommy says the computer isn't coming. She said we have to take a ferry too - something about water - I hope it isn't like that orange thing....
but I will post when we are back - I will make Mommy take lots of cool pictures of me too.
Mommy's show is on tuesdays at 9:00pm on CBC- the new season hasn't started yet. Apparently some americian stations have bought it so some of you in the states may get to see it! Oh and Mommy was told to watch little Britian on showcase on Wednesday nights at 10:00 - she wa laughing alot when she saw it. Her boss loves it and talks about it all day long. I didn't like it as much - there wasn't a single puppy in it. That iams commerical is wayyyyy better.


  1. Minou!

    Did you hear about Tinkerbell? Paris has dumped her for a younger, smaller Chihuahua! I read that Tink will be going to live with her Grandma Kathy, mommy says thats good. I think Paris must be heartless! It's good that your mommy didn't bring home a brother or sister! I'm going to be on my guard and make sure I acquire no more siblings... you should too! Love Isa

  2. Camping. Wow, your mommy is tough! We're leaving tomorrow for Maine, for a week of almost camping, well staying in a rustic hotel. Me, I'm planning on lounging around. Everyone else can find entertainment where they will.

    Have fun and hope you don't have to go in any more kayaks.