Wednesday, August 24, 2005

more camping photos cause mommy is working too many hours to come up with anything new to say

Can you find me and Daddy in this one?

pictures of cathedral grove and MEEEE


  1. wow minou, you must be really popular to have so many people posting, wanting to market you things, offering info on bathing suits for guinea pigs, offering free downloads...

    After Sophie saw your camping pictures, she decided she was jealous and wants to go camping too(even though she is not as well behaved as you, and would probably freak out in the tent). Thanks a lot Minou.

  2. oops, I mean to add...

    Oh, BTW, do the blog trolls that dogs don't have credit cards?

  3. That's the biggest tree we have ever seen! What a nice vacation...we need a vacation...

  4. Minou! The cathedral trees look so pretty that I now want to move to Canada. We can be neighbors! And have cake!

    Also, the pictures on the beach look so peaceful and happy. I want a vacation. And a cute puppy. But really really I need a vacation.

    Hey! Your hoodie is so cute! And the pic of you and your mom is ADORABLE!!!

  5. salut mon chien
    what a nice micro-holiday we had, heh? i loved the part where you didn't complained or whined one single time. what a good pup! your mommy wasn't bad either...hahahahah