Friday, August 5, 2005


this is what we will give you if you donate to the paws for cause!!!!
Mommy decided to help people have a reason to donate she will give away some stuff!
for every $5 you donate to the spca paws for cause in my name Mommy will put your name in a little hat!! and then, perhaps the day of the walk - Sept 11, we will pick out the winner!!!
So far in our goody bag we have two skeins of noro - that is all I am going to tell you cause mommy didn't give me any details, an autographed photo of moi (must be worth ALOT), a starbucks gift card for $20 CAD (sorry Americans it will work in the USA but apparently the exchange won't be very good), a puppy photo frame, and - the BEST part 10 of Mommy's homemade puppy cookies, some of the cheese ones and some of the peanut butter ones. I think it is worth it RIGHT THERE! That is what I want - in fact I told her NOT to give them to you all cause I want them - I even cried. But so far I have not convinced her... but when Sept comes and Mommy can't find any cookies you can't blame ME!
Mommy said we will keep adding silly things to it as we find them!
So good luck one and all.
IMPORTANT NOTE**** We know some of you are bloggers who have donated because we know your REAL names and your blogs names - but some of you we don't, so if you have donated already (or are going to donate) and want your name to be entered send us a little email saying who you are and that you have a blog and want your name entered- that way we won't have to enter everybody's names - like grandpa's - who wouldn't want our yarn.

mommy took a picture of her boring knitting today. OOOHhh what non-progress. She has the day off today and said we would sit by the pool and knit so perhaps it will get a little longer - I am predicting November for this summer camisole to be finished,,,,
She is also starting a new knitting project for me today - something for a silly surprise at work - so we will keep you all in suspense until it is finished - but here is a hint - knights of the round table wear it......


  1. Is Mommy knitting a suit of armor for you? Is it a shield? Is it a tunic with the cross thingy? Is it chain mail? Is it a helmet? oh, forget it. I should try to guess. It's a surprise. Mmmmm... that's quite the nice gift Mommy put together for the donors. Is that Noro Kocheron? (crap, is that how it's spelled?) I think that's the same stuff as what I made a friend's scarf out of. Same colourway, even. I love it.

    Is there any chance that I can get one of those autographed photos just for letting you peepee on my floor when you lived here?

  2. Daisy and Pip, and Cecelia - I put your names in the hat!!!!! don't you worry!! Don't be confused.....