Monday, August 1, 2005

Mommy finished the tutu

FINALLY!!! only a month late

oh well - it is pretty though. I do miss playing in the fabric and you can see it does not fit the mannequin very well. Esme is smaller.... it is too big on me though... speaking of TOO BIG

what is up with that - I was terrified and Mommy kept petting that HUGE DOG - HUGE!!!!!! So the stranger lady had to hold me since I was terrified... evil Mommy and Daddy..
we had fun in the park though. Mommy figured out that if she puts her camera in sports mode she can actually get non - blurry pictures of me that is just how fast I am

now I am tired after all that running.. time to rest before supper...


  1. Go, Minou, go!

    Tell your mommy that she does beautiful work. Tell your daddy that your mommy probably thinks that picture of him was a good one, if only because it had him in it, and loving bad pictures of our handsome men is one of the things mommies can't help.

  2. You look like your having a great romp! And the tutu, WOW! Wish Anmiryam had some use for something that beautiful or was graceful enough to dream of wearing it.

  3. Habido, Min min, habido....

    Ai yi yi!

    Beautiful work there, Mommy. I'm still amazed that you're my friend.

  4. Wow, you are like the fastest runner ever, Minou! I love love love the tutue your mommy made -- so gorgeous! How is it fair that my hands cannot make even a simple buttonhole and your mommy can do that?