Tuesday, August 30, 2005

katrina animal rescue

ok we have tried to donate to TWO websites now and they say we are making errors - I don't know what is going on.
Has anyone else has any problems who found a website that worked?
I couldn't posisbkly be our credit card.. Nooooo...
we are looking for some tips!


it was our credit card...

we suck

this is where we donated

help all the poor little animals who can't swim and are scared and lonely and wet and hungry......


  1. Good for you Minou, you are better at sharing than you think you are. Thankk dog for your mommy and her creditcard, yes?

  2. Minou, me and the cats are all so sad about the poor, lonely wet and scared puppies and kittens, we need to stop watching the TV, but we can't stop, we're so sad.

    A little puppy out there thanks you for donating your mom's money!