Monday, August 15, 2005

we're knights of the round table we dance whenever we're able

Aren't I gallant? Where is my round table? And my holy grail?


  1. Are you going on a quest? Anyplace interesting? Could be dangerous...

  2. NI NI NI NI NI!

    Clip clop, clip, clop...

    OMG - I'm on the floor laughing. Minou - you are the noblest of all knights.

    Watch out for the rude Frenchmen.

  3. We knew it! Some (lightweight) chain mail and a spiffy surcoat! You look both adventurous AND noble. Will you quest for a shrubbery? Be careful of rabbits...And don't be tempted to join a neo-syndicalist commune--they're all just peasants.

  4. Minou you have so much fun playing dress up! all I get to wear are dumb scarves and things.

  5. You are SO movie star material!!!!!!!