Friday, August 31, 2007

Woe is me...
I keep hurting myself. All I want to go is get in shape and lose some weight and I am falling apart.
First I started running. Was never to sure what the problem was as I was to lazy to go to a doctor but the pain was severe enough that I had to stop.
I tried again and had different pains and aches. Side of my leg, knee and the worst one the back of my heel.
In an attempt to fix the latest pain and ache that started during running I got orthodics.
They mentioned hypermobile joints in my feet. Interesting I thought and didn't really think about it anymore.
The orthodics help but I still get pains.
Now I am attempting boot camp.
I am just starting to get good at it and now I'm hurting again. My same foot/heel pain is still there - dull ache but there. I have a sore shoulder. And now I can't walk.
So I go for physio. I've sprained/strained a pelvic muscle.
Apparently ALL my joints are hypermobile. Super duper hypermobile. So much so that the physiotherapists have a difficult time putting things where they belong because I just keep bending. I had one physiotherapist say she should be writing down what she has to do to treat me because she has never had to do it before - it would be good for her 'book'.
I'm a medical mystery.
Anyways. As a result of gumby me my muscles have to work extra hard to keep everything together. They are failing me. And apparently ANY exercise I do is basically doomed because I have no core strength.
I started boot camp to increase my core and keep up the cardio but apparently I'm either not making any progress or I am and it is still pathetic.
I just have to rant a bit because I'm in pain and now I can't exercise (I can't even walk without a limp)
I need a pilates or yoga class but I haven't had any luck finding one in my neighbourhood that fits into my stupid film schedule. (for those of you unaware of the hours people in film work let me give you an idea. A normal day for us is 12 hours. So if I start at 8:00am I don't finish until 8:30pm - add travel time to that. If we are on set a normal day for everyone else is 12 hours and the poor costume people are often one of the first people there and last ones to leave so it ends up being more like a 14 hour day and it is often out in the boonies somewhere making a very long commute.)
whine whine whine.
that's all.
Other then that we are all good. Minou was a little out of sorts last week but she seems fine now. Birdie is oblivious as usual. Dictator Daddy was at a football game tonight. Angie has been staying with us but tomorrow she will be moving into her own place. Penny is leaving for 8 months this weekend - Birdie will be devestated. Her singing partner gone.
Not doing anything this weekend - helping everyone move. Doing a bit on the house. Spent the afternoon today sticking my bliks on my studio wall - still not done but I made some definite progress. Now I am ready for bed with some A535 on my hip and shoulder and foot and leg and back and and and and and....
thanks for listening...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

heh heh
This guy cracks me up.

People think Mommy is nuts - she's got nothing on him.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Burdee momee daddee antee pennee antee angee and meneu wen basbal gam en toosdae. et gud fun. antee angees furend had BEER. Burdee bit furend an he spilled beer. heh heh. Burdee drank beer at basbal gam. YAY!
meneu ded nut drank beer. Just burdee. heh heh.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some pictures from TinMan - it looks good - I hope it is good....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

We had our photoshoot yesterday night.
I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff for it (as usual) but hey - they look amazing without all the garbage I was going to add on.
We had a great photographer and make up girl there and Esme was GORGEOUS (said in the little britian voice)
We ran out of sunlight otherwise we could have kept going.
I would post all 100 pictures here and everywhere for everyone to see as I am so happy with them but I should really pay Emioly for them before I go plastering them everywhere. I just snuck these from her contact sheet - too excited to wait.
Played a bit of wii this morning. It was fun. I'd play all day except Angie is coming tonight and we've got some cleaning up to do before she arrives.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It fits!!!!!!
It was like I was making it for her all along!!!!!! I am so glad and so excited for the photoshoot on Saturday!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thought I better post again before Sarah starts complaining again. HEE HEE. Even though we have nothing interesting to tell.
I've been working a bunch on this cheesy vampire flick that is way too low budget for my liking. My paycheck is one thing but it would be nice to have enough money to buy a freaking pencil.
The girls are bored with me working this much - frankly I am too. I hate being spread so thin. I want just one job/project at a time. Too much house, wearable art, work, artsclub etc etc etc... Sigh....
I can hear the girls eating their crunch crunch downstairs. Happy noises. Minou will often bring a mouthful upstairs and chew it on the carpet. It cracks me up when she gets here and spits it out. Everyone prefers eating in front of the TV.
Esme is here at Ballet BC for the summer. (She was the model/ballerina Nick and I used in his book project) We are hoping to have a photoshoot this weekend - I have my fingers crossed that she will fit into my wearable art dress. I've been slowly getting all the pins out of it - now I'm waiting for tea bags to dry in order to glue them on. I am glad Esme is here - she is perfect for it.
Anything else???
Don't think so. Birdie is here - she makes it really hard to type so I think I shall wrap it up.
We are all still here!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

sorry sorry sorry sorry.....
it has been awhile.
I've been a little overwhelmed with work/house/sister's wedding etc.

- I was trying to finish a wearable art entry, I made the submission deadline but I still have to finish it in the next two weeks
- I have drawings due for a show at the artsclub in the fall
His greatness Act 1 Scene 1
- I went to Kaslo BC for 5 days for my sister's wedding, camping, so it involved a whole list of crap I had to get done. Including a pedicure of course
Minou and Birdie
- I'm assisting on a little low budget MOW
no photo for this. We'll throw in another wedding photo
Me and Jen

uhmm what else? Oh yah the new house.. Still unpacking, ripping up the little yard, taking the girls for walks along the beach, cleaning up after messy boyfriend who likes to wear muddy shoes on freshly vacuumed new white carpet, asking boyfriend if he knows how to empty dishwasher or where garbage cans are, doing the laundry, I could go one but I am sure most people can relate to this last paragraph...

- oh and because I am sooo rich ( ha ha sarcasm the bank card said insufficent funds yesterday) I bought a wii last weekend. As if boot camp 3 times a week at 6:00am isn't enough to make me stiff and sore now my back and arms are killing me from playing boxing on the wii

It is Saturday now - I am working today on the MOW. Sigh. Just waiting for the stores to open so I can make some stops along the way. I think Minou and Birdie will join me today so I better get their little bag of goodies ready.

sorry I miss you all.... So do the girls......