Saturday, August 4, 2007

sorry sorry sorry sorry.....
it has been awhile.
I've been a little overwhelmed with work/house/sister's wedding etc.

- I was trying to finish a wearable art entry, I made the submission deadline but I still have to finish it in the next two weeks
- I have drawings due for a show at the artsclub in the fall
His greatness Act 1 Scene 1
- I went to Kaslo BC for 5 days for my sister's wedding, camping, so it involved a whole list of crap I had to get done. Including a pedicure of course
Minou and Birdie
- I'm assisting on a little low budget MOW
no photo for this. We'll throw in another wedding photo
Me and Jen

uhmm what else? Oh yah the new house.. Still unpacking, ripping up the little yard, taking the girls for walks along the beach, cleaning up after messy boyfriend who likes to wear muddy shoes on freshly vacuumed new white carpet, asking boyfriend if he knows how to empty dishwasher or where garbage cans are, doing the laundry, I could go one but I am sure most people can relate to this last paragraph...

- oh and because I am sooo rich ( ha ha sarcasm the bank card said insufficent funds yesterday) I bought a wii last weekend. As if boot camp 3 times a week at 6:00am isn't enough to make me stiff and sore now my back and arms are killing me from playing boxing on the wii

It is Saturday now - I am working today on the MOW. Sigh. Just waiting for the stores to open so I can make some stops along the way. I think Minou and Birdie will join me today so I better get their little bag of goodies ready.

sorry I miss you all.... So do the girls......


  1. Whew, we were starting to get worried. But we forgive you as we see your endeavors have been worthy ones. Maybe you all will enjoy this: But we think Birdie is much more talented.

  2. The dress is fabulous!!!!! Would love to see it in person. When is this exhibit?

    cheers, Lala

  3. I love Minou and Birdie's camping outfits! :)Poppy

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  6. love your site!! My mom is fascinated....we will be tuning in!!!


  7. Thyrza isn't feeling the puppy love?

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