Sunday, August 19, 2007

We had our photoshoot yesterday night.
I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff for it (as usual) but hey - they look amazing without all the garbage I was going to add on.
We had a great photographer and make up girl there and Esme was GORGEOUS (said in the little britian voice)
We ran out of sunlight otherwise we could have kept going.
I would post all 100 pictures here and everywhere for everyone to see as I am so happy with them but I should really pay Emioly for them before I go plastering them everywhere. I just snuck these from her contact sheet - too excited to wait.
Played a bit of wii this morning. It was fun. I'd play all day except Angie is coming tonight and we've got some cleaning up to do before she arrives.


  1. Ang,
    Janie Clarkson's wearable art looks like a potato sack compared to this (wait, I think it is a potato sack). I think this dress makes me even prouder of you and your design/sewing abilities than the day I wore my wedding dress and shawl down the aisle. It takes serious talent to make used teabags and coffee filters look as beautiful as that!

    Please, don't burst my bubble by telling me that Esme does common things, such as use the toilet. I've only seen her in costume photos, so surely she is some sort of faerie with perfect skin.

  2. You know. To tell you the truth - I have never actually seen her go to the bathroom.... Hmmm...
    She definitely does have perfect skin - that is why we love her so. And she smiles and giggles and is so sweet.
    Perhaps she is a little faerie. I'll text message her and ask.

  3. Love the photos--I know I keep saying how great this is and how amazing your talent is--but it is true! The pics look amazing--cant wait to see more

    Bernard's mom- Marianne

  4. That dress is amazing. I'd love a print of that last photo where she's balancing the tea cup and saucer on her wrist. Beautiful!

  5. So beautiful! I love the photos, location, model, dress perfect.

    I want a teabag dress...

  6. Ang. That is so so so ethereal, beautiful, lovely, fantastic, gorgeous....Wow. I love how it has a bit of whimsy with the teacups, its like she is a much younger, more beautiful Miss Havisham (just slightly mad, she IS wearing teacups/teabags after all.) Or something out of Alice in Wonderland...

    You have to win.

  7. Woot! That dress is so beautiful and whimsical and amazing an yet ...caffeinated! You are very talented.
    Can I have one in blue?