Monday, August 13, 2007

Thought I better post again before Sarah starts complaining again. HEE HEE. Even though we have nothing interesting to tell.
I've been working a bunch on this cheesy vampire flick that is way too low budget for my liking. My paycheck is one thing but it would be nice to have enough money to buy a freaking pencil.
The girls are bored with me working this much - frankly I am too. I hate being spread so thin. I want just one job/project at a time. Too much house, wearable art, work, artsclub etc etc etc... Sigh....
I can hear the girls eating their crunch crunch downstairs. Happy noises. Minou will often bring a mouthful upstairs and chew it on the carpet. It cracks me up when she gets here and spits it out. Everyone prefers eating in front of the TV.
Esme is here at Ballet BC for the summer. (She was the model/ballerina Nick and I used in his book project) We are hoping to have a photoshoot this weekend - I have my fingers crossed that she will fit into my wearable art dress. I've been slowly getting all the pins out of it - now I'm waiting for tea bags to dry in order to glue them on. I am glad Esme is here - she is perfect for it.
Anything else???
Don't think so. Birdie is here - she makes it really hard to type so I think I shall wrap it up.
We are all still here!!!!!!!!


  1. I like that name, Esme.

    That is an incredible dress! The tea cups are adorable. I personally think it would make a lovely wedding dress :)

  2. Robin likes to eat her food in front of the TV too.
    Her version is to grab a mouthful of food on the fly, run as fast as she can into the family room, leap on to the chesterfield, drop the food on her blanket, and gobble up the kibble. Leap off the chesterfield, race to her food dish, grab more food and race back to the chesterfield.

    One cup of kibble = 30 laps round-trip from the kitchen to the family room.
    This would be the reason she is so slim.... Hmmm maybe I could market this as a new diet/excerise plan, The Kibble Dash Diet!!!

    I love how the wearable art dress is turing out, I can't wait to see it modeled on a person.

  3. thanks for make me happy to read about it...even though you told me all this yesterday

  4. I can't figure out what show you're working on. Hmmmmm...