Monday, January 31, 2005


mommy and I were playing with my baboon tonight. I had stopped for a rest cause mommy got sucked in by the tv. My baboon was lying harmlessly next to me. all of a sudden - BOOM - my baboon disappeared! He was gone in an instant. Mommy kept asking me where he went - I think she wanted to play more and couldn't find him. Then daddy came over from cooking supper and he started asking me where the baboon was. I looked everywhere - on the couch, under the table, in the kitchen - he was gone. I went round and round mommy but my baboon was gone. Finally daddy decided to help me. I don't know how he knew but mommy was sitting on my baboon! Silly mommy! You would think she would know that she was sitting on my baboon! He is bigger then me! I was glad daddy helped me. I grabbed him from mommy and played played some more until supper was ready.

While mommy and daddy ate I sat in front of my bowl and growled. Sometimes I pretend I am an evil monster and I am warning them that if they aren't quiet I will eat them! I growled for about 10 minutes and stared it down and then I ATE IT! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA.... now it is my nap time so I will snuggle with my dad on the couch while he watched las vegas. MOmmy will probably knit and when she does that she bumps me on the head. no fun....

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Mommy just helped me get a page on dogster! There are sooooo many cute puppies there. We have been looking at them all night. I keep falling asleep but every now and then I wake up and give mommy and daddy a lick and look some more. I can't wait to get some doggie friends on dogstar.

bored and grumpy

today I am bored and grumpy today. Mommy didn't take me for a wlka or run because it was raining all day - although she didn't seem to mind going without me. I had a nap with daddy in the morning and a nap with mommy in the afternoon. But now I want to run around and play and no one will play with me. I keep growling and barking and just sitting and staring at them but they still don't play with me. Why? Mommy better play with me tomorrow. They gave me two cookies but I want to play. Daddy didn't even get dressed today. Lazy mommy and daddy.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

xmas in january

I just got my presents from Julien for Xmas! YAYYYYY!! I had so much fun opening everything last night. Even the big cardboard box was exciting I chewed on the corner while mommy cut the tape.

Here is a pic of my opening the dog biscuit recipes, I got the other bone you can see in the picture too.

This is daddy opening his present. Mmommy told him to make a funny face.

And here is mommy's sweater now. She is working on the ribbing you can kind of see it in the corner. It is all pinned together right now...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

mommy's sweater

mommyis getting closer to being done.

oh hang on i have to try to steal her bagel.....

haha ii got some i'm licking the honey off her pants cause she dropped it.

ok so her sweater.. she needs more wool apparently - i hope she take me with her when she goes, I will make her get more yarn for me... she has started the ribbing but won't start the sleeves until she gets more wool.

julien - why won't you walk properly? It is fun going for runs! Well your mommy must be faster - my mommy is like a TURTLE. but still you can sniff and pee and eat poop in the woods! It makes me so tired afterwards I have to have long naps. Mommy looked like she went for a run this morning but she didn't take me - that is okay I got two cookies instead. it was too early anyhow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


me and mommy went running today. She is so slow. I would run way ahead of her then run back and she would just plod along. Mommy is soooo slow. we only went for 40 minutes. I wonder if she will take me tomorrow.

Daddy went golfing I tried to stop him by jumping on his back so he would stay here and play with me but he just knocked me of. Sometimes I wish I was bigger....

I even managed to sneak eating some horse poop on our walk. YUMMY....

Monday, January 24, 2005


mommy and I went for a walk today. a LONG waslk. it was fun. Mommy made me a harness - i like it better then my collars. When I run as fast asI can after a bird it doesn't choke me all of a sudden when I get to the end. At first i didn't like it and wouldn't move but I like it now.

i remember when I lost my teeth - i ate most of them. Mommy has three somewhere - I never got to see the tooth fairy.

mommy and I were tired after a walk - we both had to have a sleep on the couch. daddy disappeared while we we slept I think he went to hit those white balls that I don't get to chase.

daddy brought home a big red bone for mommy today - it is for her truck. I don't knwo what it is for - the lady who lives upstairs told mommy her car was stolen on Saturday - but I don't know how the big red bone will help someone from stealing mommie's truck. I think they should steal it, then I won't have to throw up in it anymore.

Friday, January 21, 2005

new model

mommy has been working on my website today.. she even has a new model! Toby

I met toby once during a walk on the trails - we were wearing our matching sweaters! Today we went for a walk and I got to have some jerky from the pet store. We also went to the bank and sucked up to the teller so they wouldn't freeze mommie's cheques.

I hurt my foot again today - I don't know where I do it but it makes little cuts in my foot. It really seems to worry mommy but I don't even notice.

mommy made more cookies today but she won't give me any - they seem to be for her and daddy - i wonder if they are beef flavoured?

Water? Drains?

Julien - you put your nose in the drain? to stop water? how can you? I hate going in the bathtub let alone getting my face wet. It is terrifying. then I have to run around the house for hours afterwards rubbing my face in everything to get it dry! It is so horrible. No I will never try that game.

And the waking up to go outside at 2:00am - hmmm not sure. I think mommy already plays that game. SHe goes to bed and then gets out of bed a little while later cause 'she doesn't feel well'. She often drags me with her and then annoys me while I try to sleep. I don't like that game either. I like to sleep.

Do you have squirrels there? I like chaing squirrels in our backyard. If I'm not outside I sit at the window and growl at them.

i will ask mommy to make you a new sweater - you sure must be fat!!!! maybe you should go running with your mommy. what are your measurements now? i haven't gained any weight - i can eat and eat and eat... i am just naturrally skinny...

hee hee i am helping mommy type and i like to click the mouse - she is getting frustrated cause I keep click the mouse in the middle of different words and screwing up the typing.

we are going for a walk today - i hope we go to the pet store and I get some jerky!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Auntie Steph?

Mommy said Auntie steph said a bad word and now she can't make new blog posts! I hope that isn't true! i will miss Auntie steph.

Auntie Steph come back. Does this mean you won't knit me sweaters anymore? I have to go poop now.

there are lots of squirrels outside. I keep chasing them but they are making it rain on me, It isn't fair. They all stay on top of the fence too - I can't jusmp that high - yet. I will practise on the couch so one day I can.

Maybe mommy will pu t the couch outside and then I will be halfway there!

i'll ask her

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


mommy needs to get her ears working NOW! She let me outside for a poo poo and never let me in again! I think she was on the computer, I cried and cried but because her ear is plugged she couldn't hear me. Lucky for me it wasn't raining anymore and it is really warm out today (+11) but I still didn't want to be outside that long. I think she feels bad though she gave me a cookie.

She went back to the vet this morning. She came home with ear drops just like I had once. I hated those ear drops. She didn't seem to mind them as much. She told me that she has an ear infection now too - along with the tube ear. Poor mommy.

I'm going to hide the second cookie mommy gave me and save it until later.

mommy's ear

mommy still has a sore ear. SHe didnt sleep at all last night so I went to sleep with her in the living room. Poor mommy. I tried to lick it better but she didn't want me too. Daddy would have let me - daddy always let's me lick all his injuries from work. it is still raining here. Maybe mommy will help me take a picture today so I can show how the snow is gone.

mommy finished half the front of her sweater last night too...

Monday, January 17, 2005

more of mommie's sweater

  • mommy wanted me to post her sweater again - she made lots of progress during her wait at the hospital today. An hour of nothing to do at all lets you really focus.. she's been knitting all afternoon too. she has looked really sad - i don't think they gave her a treat at the vet. and I bet they made her sit on a metal table while she waited.... poor mommy. I cuddled lots with her today.

    I was sneaky too - mommy went to get my food out of the closet and while she wasn't looking i went in and snuck 3 cookies out of the closet - HAHAHAHA!!!!!! i also got two grapes today that mommy dropped. They were fun they roll around alot.

    mommy just googled my name and my dog blog came up #1! Amazing!

    the sweater again

    i almost got her today - hee hee heee. Mommy screwed up her knitting last night - that part wasn't my fault. She pulled apart a whole bunch of her sweater. When she finally started putting the stitches back on her sweater I started licking her fingers as much as I could. she kept pushing me out of the way but I always came back. She would let out these little screams. hee hee - she kept missing stitches or dropping them because of me! then when she did start knitting again I lied right on top of her ball of yarn - HA HA HA HA.... she'll never finish it. i think she is taking it to the hospital with her - she told me it is like a vet and she will have to get a needle. i hope she comes back okay. I know I sure hate sitting on those metal tables, maybe they will give her a treat. daddy keeps calling her tube ear i hope I don't have to get a tube in my ear when I'm as old as mommy.

    Friday, January 14, 2005

    "how not to poo", or "tips for julien"

    1. try not to get out of bed - it works best if you stay asleep

    2. do not get too excited - this will cause you to forget that you are not pooing and you will start to poo

    *NOTE your mommy and daddy may try and trick you with this one and try to make you play fun and new games with them.

    3. do not eat your regular food - only eat treats and they couldn't possibly make you have to poo

    4. if you do decide to go try to go somewhere in the house where mommy and daddy won't see - behind furniture etc. i will say i have had limited success with this method. although it relieves the pain I am sent to my room and not given any treats.

    5. move here - i know this is actually helping you poo but it is much easier then not pooing

    that is all the advice I have right now. if I think of anymore I will let you know. Mommy and Daddy are eating so I have to go watch closely in case they drop something.....

    Thursday, January 13, 2005


    I will be able to go for walks again soon! ha ha ha ha haaaaa


    mommy and daddy have both been at work this week. Mommy comes home really late. I am lonely. At least I still have my baboon.

    Grandma sent a box today and there was nothing in it for me! Can you believe that! There was a little plastic container just like the ones mommy keeps my cookies in and she wouldn't give me any of it...


    Monday, January 10, 2005

    lazy sunday

    mommy was gone all afternoon and when she came home she had knit enough to make three sweaters for me! I don't know where she went but I missed her like crazy. I always miss her when she is gone. But it is so exciting when she comes back. I stand on the edge of the couch so I'm almost as tall as her and try to lick her face. Then we run around a bit. and then I lick her face when she picks me up - it is GREAT! weeeeeeeeeee! After i had some crunch crunch and mommy and daddy had their crunch crunch we all sat on the couch and watched tv while I chewed on a rawhide bone that is as big as me. I'm soo lucky.

    Anyways here is mommy's sweater now...

    Saturday, January 8, 2005

    walk in the crap....

    we went for a walk in the crap cold stuff today. mommy wore me like a purse. i don't really like it but she gives me treats. the big dogs can't smell my butt that way either. mommy gave me a cookie and i held onto it tight so i wouldn't drop it.

    stupid mommy though went the wrong way and instead of going to the bank she got us lost in the woods. when we finally did get out daddy had to come get us and drive us to the bank. if i had been walking i would have gone the right way. The pet store is a block away from the bank and they have beef jerky there. i know how to get there.

    Friday, January 7, 2005


    WHAT THE?!?!?!

    I need to poop........

    Thursday, January 6, 2005

    what the crap is this

    i am not impressed. You know how hard it is to hold your poop in for days on end - not to mention when you finally go only using two legs?

    i am NOT impressed.

    Wednesday, January 5, 2005

    my new toy

    I found a new toy yesterday. It was flying around the stove. Daddy caught it and put it on the floor for me. It was a little scary - it would move by itself and jump on my nose. I wanted it to move more but after while it stopped. I was sad and cried a bit so Daddy would make it move again. But he didn't. I didn't break it - it just stopped. And Daddy threw it out - he didn't even try to fix it or make it move. Maybe I will get another toy like that.

    Mommy is still knitting although she has slowed down a bit because she has been working on the computer. She is doing a new website for a friend and she has been working on her website and I don't mind if it means she will finish minoupitou. Apparently we are going to have a photoshoot tomorrow to put more pictures up.

    Sunday, January 2, 2005


    Mommy took this picture of me sleeping on the couch last night. How rude, how am I supposed to know I was exposing myself, I was asleep. I don't take pictures of her in her sleep, maybe I'll start. I guess I don't need to put this on the internet but I am looking for help! Can't mommy and daddy be taken away for this?

    here is the sweater now - I am waiting until it is almost done before I do something to it - this gives me time to think of something really clever and evil.

    Saturday, January 1, 2005

    our walk

    mommy and daddy took me for a walk. Mommy took all kinds of pictures - i posed and posed and posed. Up on tree stumps, in between tree trunks, with daddy, on the path, chasing birds.. and don't you think - every single one of mom's pictures is blurry. She is a LOUSY photographer. I wish auntie steph was her to take pictures. I decided to show them to you anyways - just to prove - there are over 20 of them - how blurry they are. These are some where you can at least tell that I am cute!

    This is the flower in our backyard - on JAN 1st, hee hee no snow....

    see they are all BLURRY. silly mommy. at least our walk was fun.