Monday, January 17, 2005

the sweater again

i almost got her today - hee hee heee. Mommy screwed up her knitting last night - that part wasn't my fault. She pulled apart a whole bunch of her sweater. When she finally started putting the stitches back on her sweater I started licking her fingers as much as I could. she kept pushing me out of the way but I always came back. She would let out these little screams. hee hee - she kept missing stitches or dropping them because of me! then when she did start knitting again I lied right on top of her ball of yarn - HA HA HA HA.... she'll never finish it. i think she is taking it to the hospital with her - she told me it is like a vet and she will have to get a needle. i hope she comes back okay. I know I sure hate sitting on those metal tables, maybe they will give her a treat. daddy keeps calling her tube ear i hope I don't have to get a tube in my ear when I'm as old as mommy.

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