Thursday, January 20, 2005

Auntie Steph?

Mommy said Auntie steph said a bad word and now she can't make new blog posts! I hope that isn't true! i will miss Auntie steph.

Auntie Steph come back. Does this mean you won't knit me sweaters anymore? I have to go poop now.

there are lots of squirrels outside. I keep chasing them but they are making it rain on me, It isn't fair. They all stay on top of the fence too - I can't jusmp that high - yet. I will practise on the couch so one day I can.

Maybe mommy will pu t the couch outside and then I will be halfway there!

i'll ask her


  1. Just to clarify, for all of you out there in bloggy land, it's not my own blog that I can't post on... it's someone else's blog that I can't leave a comment on. I can't imagine what I said to offend this person, or what illegal operation I performed on her blog in the past, but I'm being punished! Punished, I tell you!

    I have no idea what I said that made her put me on the black list, but I think it must be political. Maybe she's anti-Canadian. Maybe she's anti-Stephanie (drat that wretched, spoiled, blond idiot on Newhart - she ruined my perfectly good name!). Maybe I dropped the "F-bomb" on her blog?!?!?!?!?!?

    Don't worry, Min min, I'm still available, in living colour, on my own blog. And I am still working on that sweater for you - I just need two measurements for your sweater: 1. neck to top of leg 2.leg hole width

    Thanks for your concern, pupster!

  2. Hi Min, my mum was wondering if I could pass on a message to your mum. She says she finally finished her Christmas shopping and you could maybe expect a package next week some time.....maybe....

    Thanx for the poo tips. I discovered a good game last night....I call it waking up a two in the morning to fake a pee but really I just want to's a good game. Also I have discovered that if I put my nose in the bathtub drain I can stop the water from disappearing.
    You should try these, it's hours of fun....
    oh and ps, my hoodie is two small....I'm sooooo cold now Auntie......