Wednesday, January 19, 2005

mommy's ear

mommy still has a sore ear. SHe didnt sleep at all last night so I went to sleep with her in the living room. Poor mommy. I tried to lick it better but she didn't want me too. Daddy would have let me - daddy always let's me lick all his injuries from work. it is still raining here. Maybe mommy will help me take a picture today so I can show how the snow is gone.

mommy finished half the front of her sweater last night too...

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  1. Minou,
    Find the doctor's number and dial the phone. Bark as loud as you can into the receiver. The people at the doctor's office are probably old enough to remember Lassie and/or The Little Hobo. I'm sure they will understand why you are calling. Once they know that she is in distress, they will either send help for Mommy's ear or make her an appointment to come in.

    Good Girl, Minou. Keep her company until help comes.