Friday, January 21, 2005

new model

mommy has been working on my website today.. she even has a new model! Toby

I met toby once during a walk on the trails - we were wearing our matching sweaters! Today we went for a walk and I got to have some jerky from the pet store. We also went to the bank and sucked up to the teller so they wouldn't freeze mommie's cheques.

I hurt my foot again today - I don't know where I do it but it makes little cuts in my foot. It really seems to worry mommy but I don't even notice.

mommy made more cookies today but she won't give me any - they seem to be for her and daddy - i wonder if they are beef flavoured?


  1. ummm, umm, maybe min min i was wondering if maybe if if if well, I would like to model too? I do a really good hi five? PS I bit grandpa bright on the chin last night heheeeeee, and then he tried to get in my hut so I had to scratch his forehead...silly grandpa.

  2. and guess what else Min? I lost a tooth front tooth! I have a bit of a lisp when I bark now!!! And the tooth fairy is coming!!!!!!