Friday, January 14, 2005

"how not to poo", or "tips for julien"

1. try not to get out of bed - it works best if you stay asleep

2. do not get too excited - this will cause you to forget that you are not pooing and you will start to poo

*NOTE your mommy and daddy may try and trick you with this one and try to make you play fun and new games with them.

3. do not eat your regular food - only eat treats and they couldn't possibly make you have to poo

4. if you do decide to go try to go somewhere in the house where mommy and daddy won't see - behind furniture etc. i will say i have had limited success with this method. although it relieves the pain I am sent to my room and not given any treats.

5. move here - i know this is actually helping you poo but it is much easier then not pooing

that is all the advice I have right now. if I think of anymore I will let you know. Mommy and Daddy are eating so I have to go watch closely in case they drop something.....

1 comment:

  1. Minou, if you don't want to poo, do what Uncle Andrew does - go away for the weekend. Uncle Andrew finds it difficult to poo outside of his hometown. Of course, when you start to feel uncomfortable and woozy, then you should really come home and give poo-ing a try. Sometimes a familiar street near your home will make you feel like poo-ing but if you're still in the car you'll have to wait. Uncle Andrew likes to call this the "Wood Land Avenue Blues" or, more appropriately, the "Wood Land Avenue Browns".
    Good luck.

    Auntie Steph
    PS: I saw a very pretty doggie carrier today. It was very fancy and only cost $650. I think you would look fabulous in it. It had a rhinestone crown on it. The bag was in a shoe store that makes me feel like my life is incomplete.