Monday, January 31, 2005


mommy and I were playing with my baboon tonight. I had stopped for a rest cause mommy got sucked in by the tv. My baboon was lying harmlessly next to me. all of a sudden - BOOM - my baboon disappeared! He was gone in an instant. Mommy kept asking me where he went - I think she wanted to play more and couldn't find him. Then daddy came over from cooking supper and he started asking me where the baboon was. I looked everywhere - on the couch, under the table, in the kitchen - he was gone. I went round and round mommy but my baboon was gone. Finally daddy decided to help me. I don't know how he knew but mommy was sitting on my baboon! Silly mommy! You would think she would know that she was sitting on my baboon! He is bigger then me! I was glad daddy helped me. I grabbed him from mommy and played played some more until supper was ready.

While mommy and daddy ate I sat in front of my bowl and growled. Sometimes I pretend I am an evil monster and I am warning them that if they aren't quiet I will eat them! I growled for about 10 minutes and stared it down and then I ATE IT! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA.... now it is my nap time so I will snuggle with my dad on the couch while he watched las vegas. MOmmy will probably knit and when she does that she bumps me on the head. no fun....

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