Wednesday, January 5, 2005

my new toy

I found a new toy yesterday. It was flying around the stove. Daddy caught it and put it on the floor for me. It was a little scary - it would move by itself and jump on my nose. I wanted it to move more but after while it stopped. I was sad and cried a bit so Daddy would make it move again. But he didn't. I didn't break it - it just stopped. And Daddy threw it out - he didn't even try to fix it or make it move. Maybe I will get another toy like that.

Mommy is still knitting although she has slowed down a bit because she has been working on the computer. She is doing a new website for a friend and she has been working on her website and I don't mind if it means she will finish minoupitou. Apparently we are going to have a photoshoot tomorrow to put more pictures up.

1 comment:

  1. Hey EI princess, it's awesome that you're working on minoupitou! I can't wait to see the new photos. :)