Friday, January 21, 2005

Water? Drains?

Julien - you put your nose in the drain? to stop water? how can you? I hate going in the bathtub let alone getting my face wet. It is terrifying. then I have to run around the house for hours afterwards rubbing my face in everything to get it dry! It is so horrible. No I will never try that game.

And the waking up to go outside at 2:00am - hmmm not sure. I think mommy already plays that game. SHe goes to bed and then gets out of bed a little while later cause 'she doesn't feel well'. She often drags me with her and then annoys me while I try to sleep. I don't like that game either. I like to sleep.

Do you have squirrels there? I like chaing squirrels in our backyard. If I'm not outside I sit at the window and growl at them.

i will ask mommy to make you a new sweater - you sure must be fat!!!! maybe you should go running with your mommy. what are your measurements now? i haven't gained any weight - i can eat and eat and eat... i am just naturrally skinny...

hee hee i am helping mommy type and i like to click the mouse - she is getting frustrated cause I keep click the mouse in the middle of different words and screwing up the typing.

we are going for a walk today - i hope we go to the pet store and I get some jerky!

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