Tuesday, January 25, 2005


me and mommy went running today. She is so slow. I would run way ahead of her then run back and she would just plod along. Mommy is soooo slow. we only went for 40 minutes. I wonder if she will take me tomorrow.

Daddy went golfing I tried to stop him by jumping on his back so he would stay here and play with me but he just knocked me of. Sometimes I wish I was bigger....

I even managed to sneak eating some horse poop on our walk. YUMMY....


  1. Minou, Auntie Stephanie is gagging at the thought of your horse-poopie snack.

  2. your so lucky min, my mom won't take me running cause I walk like a stinky old drunk man....plus I don't like to run, it makes my tummy jiggle....

    guess what I lost two front teeth now!